Are false eyelashes disposable? False eyelashes can be reused

by:Liruijie     2021-08-12
False eyelashes are a very common cosmetic in our daily life. Many people use false eyelashes to enlarge their eyes when making up. False eyelashes are a popular trend in makeup, so are false eyelashes disposable? The false eyelashes can be reused. Is the false eyelashes disposable? In principle, they are disposable, but if you want to use them repeatedly, it is also possible. Just be careful when you tear it off and don't get deformed. However, it is generally not recommended to use it multiple times. Now that you can connect false eyelashes, it's a bit uncomfortable for your eyes, so don't pick them up and use disposable ones. Good quality false eyelashes can also be reused many times. Many fashionable ladies like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, the correct use will make their eyes beautiful. False eyelashes make you more beautiful and confident. False eyelashes are attached to the top and the comparison chart below is the comparison chart. Can false eyelashes be reused? China advocates conservation and environmental protection. In the consumption of false eyelashes, Ms. Aimei is also an implementer of conservation and environmental protection. For the use of false eyelashes, we can adopt the method of repeated use to save economically and protect the environment. The following will introduce the cleaning steps of false eyelashes after use: 1. Put the false eyelashes into a small bowl, and then pour in an appropriate amount of makeup remover. The makeup remover should cover the false eyelashes a little bit. Soak for 5-10 minutes. 2. Then use a small cotton swab to poke the dirty part of the false eyelashes (that is, the place where glue and mascara are stuck) and then you will find that the dirty things are slowly dissolved, and then slowly tear off the glue 3. Put the cleaned false eyelashes into warm water, then gently shake the false eyelashes with tweezers, rinse and dry. 4. Take it out and place it on a paper towel to dry in the shade. With the above method, if you have false eyelashes at home, you can clean it up by yourself. If it is expensive false eyelashes, you can reuse it, but it wastes more makeup remover, so if the false eyelashes are relatively cheap, it is recommended to replace them. Knowing the reusability of false eyelashes, how can women who love beauty better protect false eyelashes so that they can be reused? The precautions are as follows: 1. Do not apply eye shadow or mascara to the false eyelashes. Wear false eyelashes again, so as to avoid the eyeshadow powder from getting on the false eyelashes, making it dirty and impossible to remove, which will affect the next use. Don't apply mascara on the false eyelashes, it can't be removed, otherwise the false eyelashes will be useless. What if the real and fake eyelashes cannot be fused? You can use an electric eyelash curler to curl your real eyelashes, so that the real and false eyelashes can be merged. 2. Correctly remove false eyelashes. Many people just tear off the false eyelashes directly when removing false eyelashes, which is very bad. The first will pull the eyelids, which will loosen the eyelids for a long time. Second, if the paste is not very good, it makes the real and fake eyelashes stick together, and this tear tears off the real eyelashes. Third, the false eyelashes that are directly torn off are easy to deform, which reduces the number of repeated use, and the more serious ones are useless. 3. The correct method of removing false eyelashes. Use a cotton swab to dip an appropriate amount of eye makeup remover, and then gently rub it on the root of the false eyelashes. The technique must be as gentle as possible. After a period of time, the false eyelashes will fall off automatically. The correct removal of false eyelashes is also a prerequisite for the reusability of false eyelashes, and beauty-loving eyebrows can increase their awareness of this aspect. Whether the false eyelashes are attached to the top or the bottom is ok. However, most of them will be attached to the real eyelashes because the operation is relatively simple. Regardless of whether the false eyelashes are pasted on or under the real eyelashes, I think both methods are possible, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. If there is a novice MM who usually doesn't stick false eyelashes very much and wants to start trying to stick eyelashes, it is better to stick false eyelashes on real eyelashes, because the operation is relatively simple.
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