Are the false eyelashes above or below the real eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-10
Many people want to make their eyes look bigger. In addition to eyeliner and cosmetic contact lenses, thick and long eyelashes are also very important. If our own eyelashes are not in good condition, we can rely on acquired false eyelashes to create a big eye effect, then the false eyelashes are attached to the real eyelashes. Or below? Correct application of false eyelashes. The false eyelashes can be attached above or below the real eyelashes. However, most of them will be attached to the real eyelashes because the operation is relatively simple. False eyelashes (false eyelashes tutorial) No matter whether it is pasted on or under the real eyelashes, I think both methods are ok, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If there is a novice MM who usually doesn't stick false eyelashes very much and wants to start trying to stick eyelashes, it is better to stick false eyelashes on real eyelashes, because the operation is relatively simple. The advantages and disadvantages of the false eyelashes: the false eyelashes are above the real and false hairs: the disadvantage: it is easy to leave white, but it is enough to fill the white with eyeliner. In addition, the real eyelashes will be easy to layer with the false eyelashes. Advantages: easy to operate. The advantages and disadvantages of the false eyelashes attached below: The false eyelashes are located below the real and false hairs: Advantages: After the application, it feels very natural and the effect is realistic, and it blends well with the real eyelashes. Disadvantages: Compared with the method of sticking false eyelashes on top of real eyelashes, it is more difficult to operate. Due to personal habits, I always like to draw eyeliner after applying eyelashes, but this time the false eyelashes are placed under the real eyelashes, so there is basically no white space. If the eyeliner is added, the eyeliner cannot be drawn. So be sure to draw the eyeliner first and then apply the eyelashes, otherwise it will be difficult to make up the eyeliner. Correct application of false eyelashes. Supplies needed to paste false eyebrows. 1. False eyebrows; 2. False eyebrow glue; 3. Tweezers (special tweezers are better). It's such fake eyebrows, which are unnatural and fake. Such one-by-one and natural false eyebrows are very natural, and if you choose natural brown products, it will be more natural. The first step: Let's start to paste a sticker! Use tweezers to cut off the good eyelashes, and use scissors to cut off the unneeded sides. It is easier to see the small ones. Step 2: Apply glue to the black part of the root of the eyelashes, which is easy to fall off, a few more times! Wait until the eyelashes change from blue to transparent. (About 10-15 seconds, don't wait until it is completely transparent) Step 3: Eyeshadow-false eyelashes-eyeliner-mascara, etc. Apply false eyelashes on the basis of the eye makeup. Use tweezers and hands to hold the two sides and bend them like your eyes. The front of the eyes starts to be carefully attached! Step 4: This will make the middle part a bit empty~ Then what about the middle part of Kongkong, like my own eyelashes and false eyelashes Push it down with the feeling of pressing it down with your hand, stick the false eyelashes on the roots of your eyelashes, and organize them. Step 5: After sticking, you will find the space between your eyelashes and false eyelashes! Then use eyeliner to fill up this space. (Need to use a thin eyeliner) In fact, this process will not be very conspicuous, and it will not be visible at all when viewed from a distance, so it can be omitted. If you want to put the false eyelashes perfectly, you can do it like this~ Step 6: In this way, the eyelashes are applied naturally. This is because it’s a bit fake when the photo is very close, but the false eyelashes look like my eyelashes from a distance! If you don’t add makeup after applying the false eyelashes, just take off the false eyelashes when you remove the makeup. . In this way, false eyelashes can be used for a long time. Step 7: If you want to make up, take an eyelash curler, and gently apply mascara after curling! Don’t apply too much, so that the eyes are a bit unnatural. This completes our process of applying false eyelashes! Eyeshadow – Eyeliner-mascara is not all the way to put on eye makeup! Putting on false eyelashes can only say that you have put on eye makeup. It makes a big difference whether you put it on or not. False eyelash sticking technique Before sticking the false eyelashes, you need to prepare the false eyelashes and glue, and draw the eyeliner, so that you can start sticking the false eyelashes.
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