Are the false eyelashes attached to the top or bottom? Common mistakes of applying false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-12
False eyelashes are a very common cosmetic in our daily life. False eyelashes make our eyes look bigger and more energetic. They are very popular and loved by everyone. Then, should the false eyelashes be pasted on or under? Common mistakes in applying false eyelashes. Advantages and disadvantages of false eyelashes on the top false eyelashes are located above the real and false hair: Disadvantages: it is easy to leave white, but it is enough to fill the white with eyeliner, and the real eyelashes will be easy to layer with the false eyelashes. Advantages: easy to operate. The advantages and disadvantages of the false eyelashes below the false eyelashes are located below the real and false hairs: Advantages: After the application, it feels natural and the effect is realistic, and it blends well with the real eyelashes. Disadvantages: Compared with the method of sticking false eyelashes on top of real eyelashes, it is more difficult to operate. Due to personal habits, I always like to draw eyeliner after applying eyelashes, but this time the false eyelashes are placed under the real eyelashes, so there is basically no white space. If the eyeliner is added, the eyeliner cannot be drawn. So here is a reminder that female senators who have the same habit as me must first draw eyeliner and then apply eyelashes, otherwise it will be difficult to make up the eyeliner. (The first time I tried this position, I made a mistake in the eyeliner, and then I couldn’t draw the eyeliner~~) The common mistakes of attaching false eyelashes. While we love beauty, we must pay attention to the damage caused by the beauty of appearance to our health. For the damage, we need to pay more attention to the false eyelashes to prevent the occurrence of pain. First of all, we must recognize the most common mistakes we make during the use of false eyelashes: 1. Distressed about the blood loss of the purse, extend the life of false eyelashes as much as possible or buy very cheap false eyelashes; 2. Some people directly apply glue on the eyelids In order to make the eyelashes thicker, there are two or three layers with one sticking, and the sticking time is long, and the long time is stimulated by the glue, coupled with the pulling when removing, prone to allergic contact dermatitis, red and swollen eyes . 3. Use oil-based skin care products or wash your face within 24 hours after use (only water does not work!). On the other hand, when you want to remove false eyelashes, use cleansing oil or olive oil on the roots of the eyelashes to easily remove them. 4. Dip it when the glue is dry. Most glues are white at the beginning, but become transparent when they dry, so don't worry about white residue. 5. You are worried that the glue will dry, so you can dip it as soon as you squeeze it out. We recommend applying glue to the roots of the eyelashes and letting them stand for 5 seconds, and wait until the glue is half dry before reaching the roots of the eyelashes. Just in time, the glue dries completely and firmly adheres to the roots of eyelashes. If the glue is placed on the root of the eyelashes when it is very wet, the glue that has not yet worked will not be able to strengthen the false eyelashes, and the false eyelashes will fall off as soon as the tweezers loosen it. 6. The eyes are not thoroughly cleaned before using false eyelashes. If the eyes are oily, it will affect the durability of the glue. Tips for attaching false eyelashes Before attaching false eyelashes, you need to prepare false eyelashes and glue, as well as draw eyeliner, so that you can begin to paste false eyelashes. Tips for attaching eyelashes on false eyelashes 1. The stalks of the false eyelashes are on two sides, and a layer of glue is applied on the upper and lower sides, so that the eyelashes will not be too warped or collapsed after being loaded. 2. If the eyelashes are not too collapsed or warped, then follow the usual habit of applying glue. 3. Note that the white glue should be put on the eyelid once. Once the glue is applied to the skin, it will not be invisible anymore. If you are not sure, you can choose black glue. Adjust the roll before it dries. Warp. 4. After the glue is dry, if the glue is applied too much, there will be white marks as seen in the picture. Use a curved brush to fill the eyeliner. It should be noted that do not use a liquid eyeliner pen to fill the outer eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner is fluid, and the transparent stem will not hold it, but it will make the false eyelashes more obvious. Tips for applying false eyelashes under the eyelashes 1. It is still necessary to distinguish the positive and negative sides of the false eyelashes. The lower eyelashes are different from the upper eyelashes in that they are pulled downward, so the monthly bonus can only be applied on the front. 2. When applying the lower eyelashes, you don't need to follow the method of upper eyelashes, and you don't need to wait until the glue is half dry, you can paste it directly. Light makeup cannot be reapplied to eyeliner, so it needs to be done once. The lower eyelashes are automatically attached downwards. After positioning, they can be invisible when they are half dry, which is much simpler than attaching the eyelashes.
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