Can false eyelashes be reused? How to clean false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-16
False eyelashes will make the whole makeup have a magical effect and make the eyes more energetic. Today I want to introduce to you, can false eyelashes be reused? How to clean false eyelashes? Can false eyelashes be reused? There are disposable, but generally better false eyelashes, if you use them well, they can be reused. When you remove your makeup, you must not try to pull the false eyelashes hard. False eyelashes are easy to break, and it is not good for your eyelids and real eyelashes. The correct way to remove makeup is to fold the cotton pad in half and moisten it with makeup liquid. Hold the false eyelashes in the middle for five seconds to allow the glue to dissolve. At this time, the false eyelashes will fall off naturally. Then, soak the removed false eyelashes in warm water for five minutes, and then gently rub the glue off with a cotton swab. Sometimes the glue still The whole line will come down! How to clean false eyelashes The first step: prepare a clean cotton sheet, and carefully put the used false eyelashes on the cotton sheet. Step 2: Take a cotton swab, soak it with eye and lip fluid, and apply it to the root of the false eyelashes. Step 3: Use a little effort when applying with a cotton swab, so that some residual glue can be pulled off smoothly. Step 4: If there is a stubborn glue that can't be brought down, you can pull it off with your fingers and gently pull it off. Step 5: The stalks of false eyelashes are very fragile, so be sure to move gently. Turn it over and apply again, and clean up one by one along the false eyelashes. Step 6: Keep pulling the cotton swab back and forth until there is no color to pull off and there is no stickiness on the stem. Then use a clean area to gently press and wipe clean. Step 7: Put the processed false eyelashes on a clean cotton sheet and let them dry slightly. Step 8: Finally, save the cleaned false eyelashes. Trimming of false eyelashes False eyelashes are something that 'is too short to hold in the hand and too long to wear on the eyes'. Human eyelashes are the longest in the middle and slightly shorter on both sides, generally ranging from 5 mm to 10 mm in length. If you want false eyelashes to look natural after wearing, the length should not be too exaggerated, and the width should be suitable for your eye shape. Measure whether the length and width of the false eyelashes are suitable. If it is too long, use small scissors to subtract some. Remember to keep the original radian when trimming the length, otherwise the one-size-fits-all eyelashes will look too fake; when trimming the width, cut off the long part of the eye and the end of the eye separately. Don’t just cut off one end. The extra part.
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