Can false eyelashes be used twice?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-17
Curled eyelashes can enlarge the eyes, but not everyone is born with curled eyelashes, so many girls choose to use false eyelashes to modify their eyes. This is also a good method, but false eyelashes can be used twice. Use it? How many times can false eyelashes be reused? Can false eyelashes be used twice? False eyelashes can be reused, but it also depends on the type of false eyelashes. Generally, false eyelashes with cotton stalks cannot be reused due to insufficient support of the cotton stalks after makeup removal. Other eyelash stems can generally be reused several times. Remove the false eyelashes correctly. Be careful not to pull the false eyelashes when removing makeup. Try to use the eye and lips to remove the wet compress and slowly remove it. Do not put eye shadow or mascara on the false eyelashes. Apply eye makeup and then apply false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes clean without affecting the next use. Do not use mascara on false eyelashes. Mascara cannot be removed from false eyelashes. Use it once and discard it~ You can use mascara to brush your eyelashes before applying the false eyelashes. To master the correct method of washing false eyelashes. How many times can false eyelashes be reused? The specific number of times it can be reused depends on its material. For example, nylon false eyelashes can be reused more than 20 times. But the prerequisite is that the maintenance of false eyelashes should be done in place, that is, after each use, the glue on the top should be cleaned up in time, and it should be handled with care during use to extend its life. False eyelashes can make the eyes look big and bright when used, and can also improve the eye shape. The use of false eyelashes can make eye makeup even more powerful. False eyelashes of different materials have different lifespans. False eyelashes made of nylon plastic The service life is the longest. If it is properly maintained, it is no problem to use it 20 times. Can false eyelashes be pressed to sleep? No, you need to apply glue when wearing false eyelashes. In order to make the false eyelashes and real eyelashes more natural, some people also use eyelash curlers, mascara, etc. If you wear false eyelashes Sleeping means sleeping with makeup, which can cause great damage to your eyes. Wearing false eyelashes for a long time may affect the cleanliness of your own eyelashes. Each eyelash is connected to the root of a hair, and this root is a channel for expelling foreign objects. There are many sweat glands and sebaceous glands at the roots of the eyelashes. If you wear false eyelashes for a long time, the sweat pores will be blocked by the false eyelashes for a long time, which will easily affect the pores perspiration. If the false eyelashes themselves are not clean, it is more likely to clog the pores, cause the eyelashes to fall off, and even cause eye inflammation. Should I use mascara for false eyelashes? mascara can be used for false eyelashes. After applying mascara, the false eyelashes will look more natural. You can also apply a thin layer of mascara, and then glue the false eyelashes, so that the eyes will look bigger and more energetic, and the whole person's temperament is very good. Before applying false eyelashes, you must curl your eyelashes and curl them very carefully. In this way, after the false eyelashes are applied, the real eyelashes can overlap with the false eyelashes and will not be layered. Eyelashes are more curled than our own eyelashes, so be sure to clip them.
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