Can I apply mascara on false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-16
False eyelashes are a kind of cosmetics that many people use when putting on makeup. We all know that glue can be used to apply false eyelashes. There are many kinds of false eyelash glues. Some people are not sure that false eyelashes can be applied with mascara? The harm of false eyelash glue. Can I apply mascara to false eyelashes? It’s necessary. It looks fake if you don’t brush it. It’s better to brush it before applying it, or you don’t need to brush it. After applying it, clip it again. The real and fake eyelashes are clipped together to make it look more natural. : Before putting on the false eyelashes, you must curl your eyelashes and curl them up so that your real eyelashes can overlap with the false eyelashes without layering after the false eyelashes are applied. Generally, false eyelashes are more curled than our own eyelashes, so be sure to clip them. After that, if you cut the eyelashes into sections or paste the kind of eyelashes in clusters, you must apply mascara first, and then apply the false eyelashes bit by bit, so that the eyelashes will not be too messy. It will be very natural. If you stick the whole row, apply mascara at the end. After the lashes are glued, brush the lashes to make your eyelashes and false eyelashes blend together and look more real. Of course, if you first curl your eyelashes to curl up and overlap the false eyelashes without layering, and your own eyelashes are not easy to collapse, you can also not apply mascara. The harm of false eyelash glue The popular way of grafting eyelashes is to graft the false eyelashes one by one on the real eyelashes, and then fall off naturally with the eyelash growth cycle, avoiding the pain caused by pulling the eyelashes and eyelids. The effective period of eyelash extension is about 1 month. Many women lovers think that it can reduce the time of brushing eyelashes and applying eye makeup. Long-term eyelash extensions should be avoided. Try to let the eyes rest for a period of 3 or 4 months. In addition, pay attention to the cleaning work. The eye area with false eyelashes is not suitable for cleaning with oily makeup remover, but it still needs to be washed with facial cleanser and makeup remover. It is recommended to use baby shampoo to dilute with water about 1:10 , Can also be effectively cleaned. The beautician reminded that people who suffer from blepharitis often have abnormal tear secretion, and the secretion gathers on the edge of the eyelid. For such patients, it is best to cure the blepharitis first, and then consider eyelash extensions. How to stick the false eyelashes best Step 1: The eyes are curved. Before use, it is best to fit the false eyelashes better to the eyes. You can do a back and forth bending to make the stalk of the false eyelashes softer and more sticky. Together. Step2: Everyone's eye shape is different, so after buying it back, trim off the false eyelashes first. Make it fit your eye shape. How to trim? You can compare it with your own eyelashes, aiming at the inner corner of the eye and going back 4-5mm, the end of the eye can be slightly longer, and trim off the rest. Step 3: When using glue, remember that the two ends of false eyelashes are particularly easy to curl up, so apply more glue on both ends. Step 4: As we all know, false eyelashes are very soft. If you use your fingers, it will not be easy to grasp the position. It is better to prepare a pair of tweezers to adjust the position accurately. Step 5: In order to make the eye makeup more perfect, after applying the false eyelashes, use eyeliner to fill the roots of the eyelashes with the vacant or exposed glue to make the false eyelashes look more natural. Step 6: Superimposing false eyelashes is not superimposing the entire false eyelashes. You only need to divide a row of false eyelashes into three sections, and just take one section and paste it. Step 7: Then follow the steps of attaching false eyelashes to attach this small section of eyelashes to the end of the eye. Step 8: In order to integrate the real and fake eyelashes, you can also use an eyelash curler to gently press the roots of the eyelashes and stretch them toward the head of the eyelashes like combing your hair. After putting on the false eyelashes, apply mascara and mascara. Step 1: Prepare a box of loose powder and a dry mascara brush. Dip loose powder with mascara brush. Step 2: Tap the torso of the mascara brush on the loose powder box to shake off the excess powder on the brush head. Step 3: Use the mascara brush to evenly brush the loose powder on the eyelashes. Step 4: Change the angle of the brush so that the loose powder surrounds the eyelashes. Step 5: Then apply a layer of thick and long mascara. Adding loose powder can make the eyelashes thicker. Step 6: Apply mascara on the lower eyelashes to make your eyelashes look like SD dolls, and the whole person looks radiant.
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