Do I have to put false eyelashes on European and American makeup?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-07
European and American eye makeup is generally better. Thick and long eyelashes are a must. Most European and American makeup will wear false eyelashes. If your own eyelash conditions are better, you can only use mascara, so that the eyelashes will have a certain sense of existence. Is it necessary to wear false eyelashes in European and American makeup? If it is a staged eye makeup with light colors, it doesn't matter if you don't wear it. There are a thousand Hamlet in the hearts of a thousand people, and there are a thousand different European and American makeup in the hearts of a thousand people. Who is suitable for light makeup or heavy makeup? 1. Everyone knows whether the facial features are three-dimensional. In fact, our Asian facial features are not very three-dimensional, while Europeans have relatively three-dimensional facial features. However, Europeans generally use heavy makeup, such as eyeshadow, with various shades applied. That's because their facial features are more three-dimensional. These so-called dark eyeshadows will only better highlight their facial features. . But for girls with flat facial features, don't wear heavy makeup, but lighten makeup instead. It also looks more delicate and compact. Too heavy makeup is not good-looking, and it can be said to be ugly, and the makeup looks a little dirty. 2. Skin color The color of the skin can also affect your makeup. For example, girls who are born with white skin will look very beautiful whether they are light makeup or heavy makeup, because their skin color is very uniform, and the face is simply a base. Just brighten it. And if it is a girl with yellow or black skin, light makeup is still suitable, at least this various liquid foundation, or air cushion, don't apply that thick, otherwise. The two colors of the skin are also embarrassing. And it is not beautiful at all, so girls with yellow skin are suitable for light makeup. Otherwise, the face and neck will look a bit like ghosts! 3. The eyes say that they have a pair of talking eyes. They are very charming. Some people have natural eyes that are more beautiful and big. Double eyelids are also very energetic. For such eyes, you can try heavy makeup and put on false eyelashes, so that you can also appear to be very aura, and the aura is immediately different. But if you are a girl with single eyelids and small eyes, don't try heavy makeup, otherwise it will look very uncoordinated and feel separate from the face, so it seems that the makeup you put on has no effect on you, because Everyone puts their attention in front of your eyes, so light makeup is more suitable, and it looks fresh and natural. Deep European-style eye makeup tutorial step1 First draw the eyebrows, use the eyebrow pencil to outline the shape of the raised eyebrows, pay attention to the color of the eyebrows, choose a color similar to your own hair color step2 Fill the eyebrows with eyebrow powder, and then use the eyebrow brush to render the edge of the eyebrows , To make the overall eyebrow shape more natural, shouldn’t the eyebrows be too heavy, otherwise it will be miserable if you accidentally change the crayon. Step3 Use the lightest eye shadow to base the upper eyelid and blend the entire upper eyelid step4 with a brush Dip the eyeshadow of the same color as in the third step and blend it on the brow bone. The effect of this is to brighten the brow bone. Step5 Use brown eyeshadow to draw an eye shadow on the eye socket, and then use a brush to lightly blend the end of the eye. Step6 Use the oblique brush to dip the darkest eye shadow from the eyeshadow palette to draw a thick eyeliner at the end of the eye, and blend in the color, and use the same technique at the lower end of the eye. Step7 Use the eye shadow brush to blend the eye shadow on the edge of the eye again to make it The transition is more natural, and then use dark brown eyeshadow to sweep the edge of the nose and draw the shadow step8 Use your fingers to apply the golden brown eyeshadow to the middle of the upper eyelid. This can brighten the eye area. 2/3 of the eye area is also applied with a brush Take the golden brown eyeshadow to brighten up step9 and fill the roots of the eyelashes with an eyeliner, then draw the outer eyeliner until the end of the eye rises step10 and glue the upper and lower false eyelashes with glue, and then use the eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes and false eyelashes together, and up Mascara, this European and American makeup is complete~Earth color eye makeup tutorial 1. First use a light color as a primer, and apply the entire eye socket 2. Then use light brown to deepen the eye socket and transition the color (the lower eyelid should also be swept) 3. Then use the dark golden brown to superimpose the eyelid folds (swipe the lower eyelid) 4. Then use the golden brown to brighten ~ light gold to draw the lying silkworm (you can smile with it) 5. Finally, use the dark brown eye shadow to make the eyeliner to lengthen the end of the eye ~Apply mascara~The entire eye makeup is complete!
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