Do you use scissors when applying false eyelashes? How to remove false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-10
False eyelashes are a kind of cosmetics that everyone loves very much. False eyelashes can enlarge our eyes very well. Sometimes when we see a lot of people putting on false eyelashes, we will use it first to trim it, then use it when applying false eyelashes. Cut it? How to remove false eyelashes. Is it better to trim the false eyelashes so that the size of the false eyelashes fits your eyes? It depends on the size of your eyes, the size of the false eyelashes and the effect you want to make. Comprehensive consideration is not absolute cut or no cut, but you must bend it after touching the glue before applying it. How to remove false eyelashes Now let’s take a look at how to remove false eyelashes~ Doesn’t it mean that cleansing is more important than makeup, the same is true for false eyelashes. It’s more important to remove false eyelashes than to paste on! Fake eyelash glue is more irritating, so when removing eyelashes, mine The eyelashes will also fall off together. Don’t take it off because it’s troublesome, it’s bad for your eyes...In this case, let’s see how to remove the eyelashes~ Step 1: Apply the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover oil to the eyes for 10-15 seconds ! Step 2: Press down on the center of the cotton pad and press firmly on the upper part of the eyelashes so that it can be removed relatively easily. At least one third can be removed during this process. However, because the glue has not completely fallen off, the end of the eyelashes will still stick to the false eyelashes! Step 3: The remaining false eyelashes can be removed with tweezers. When removing the false eyelashes, don’t take it off with your hands. When you remove the eye makeup, gently take off the false eyelashes together! Please refer to it~ How to remove the false eyelashes, don’t pull it off too hard, it will take a long time. It will loosen the skin of the eyes. You should take a cotton pad and moisten it with eye makeup remover or warm water, and apply it to the eyes for 5 to 10 seconds. Move it gently to make the false eyelashes fall off easily. It’s down, the sticky and tight areas can be scratched with tweezers or the like on the roots to better protect the skin around our eyes. The used false eyelashes can be cleaned with makeup remover and a cotton swab. Then use it next time! The correct step one for attaching false eyelashes, in order to make the eyelashes look more natural, use scissors to cut the false eyelashes into a few small sections and stick them up section by section. Second, cut out the shape according to the shape of the eye, the method is to measure from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Third, prepare a tube of eyelash glue. The commercially available ones are generally divided into white glue and black glue with similar effects, but black glue can save you the trouble of drawing eyeliner. 4. Apply eyelash glue to the false eyelashes. Don’t apply too much, just cover the root of the false eyelashes! 5. After applying the glue, don’t get it on the eyes immediately. You should blow it gently to make the glue dry. , It will stick more firmly. Six, along the roots of the eyelashes, starting from the inner corner of the eye, stick, false eyelashes. Seven, when sticking, you must start from the end of the eye, use professional eyebrow tweezers to glue the false eyelashes section by section to the root of the eyelashes. 8. In order to make the false eyelashes look natural, don't forget to apply mascara on the false eyelashes! Cross, finally salt, draw the eyeliner on the root of the eyelashes, outside, the corner of the eye should extend slightly upward according to the curvature of the eye. 9. Finally, draw eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, and extend the outer corner of the eye slightly according to the curvature of the eye.
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