Eyelash Box

There are many kinds of eyelash boxes in our company. From normal neutral box to customized logo eyelash box; from plastic box to paper box; from round box to diamond-shaped box; from clear box to colorful box. In a word, you name it, we've got it. For example, in terms of shape, there are round, square, rectangle, triangle, diamond-shaped, butterfly-shaped, suitcase-shaped and so on. In terms of logo, you can tell us the position you want to print, for example, print your brand name on the outer box and your slogan on the inner box. We also have crystal handle eyelash box and eyelash box with tweezer and glue. Some boxes can contain 2~4 pairs of eyelashes. Some special boxes can contain 7 pairs. If you want to have a look of all styles of one series, we call offer it to you with our big neutral plastic board. If you want to be in possession of your exclusive box, just tell us, our professional design team will meet your needs.

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