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There are so many kinds of eyelashes in our company, such as mink eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, human hair eyelashes and so on. About mink eyelashes, the mink we use is the hair that minks shed naturally, so it is cruelty-free. Among them, XC and XCL series are colorful eyelashes which are rare in the market. They are 100% handmade. We use pure imported EU certified dye, no harm to the human body. About synthetic eyelashes, during the manufacturing process, we can control its length, curvature and thickness. Among them, YH series is a special series, and we call it Flower series, cause their appearance looks like flower. There are 28 styles of YH series, so there are 28 different shapes of flowers. About magnetic eyelashes, all styles of eyelashes, we have can be made into magnet eyelashes. Our company has obtained a patent for magnetic eyelashes, we can guarantee its quality. You can choose wholesale eyelashes, or, of course, eyelash with packaging printing your own logo.

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