How do I apply false eyelashes by myself?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-20
Tips for sticking false eyelashes by yourself: 1. Trim the false eyelashes, put the short ones on your eyes, and use the eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes. 2. Brush mascara on the roots of the eyelashes, apply evenly on the roots of the eyelashes with eyelash curler, and paste along the roots of the eyelashes from the middle to the ends, pushing the false eyelashes upward. 3. Brush mascara with false eyelashes and your own eyelashes to make it more natural and add eyeliner. How to stick false eyelashes more easily. Many women like to stick false eyelashes. Of course, we have to prepare tools first. Special glue for sticking eyelashes, false eyelash flat-tip tweezers, small pointed scissors, cotton swabs, etc. are all indispensable. We have to choose the color that suits us. The most suitable color for Asian women is dark brown or black. In this way, the false eyelashes and their own eyelashes look natural. Some girls like to exaggerate a bit, or they can choose a thicker curl and a more regular length. Mainly if you like it yourself. The false eyelashes just bought are too beautiful and unnatural, so they should not be pasted intact and must be properly trimmed. We also need to cut the length of the false eyelashes according to the size of our eyes. When trimming, the false eyelashes of both eyes must be of the same density. You can also cut a false eyelash in half and stick it to the part you want to strengthen, such as the outer corner of the eye and the center of the eyelashes. If you want your eyes to look closer, just stick a paragraph in the middle; if you want to look apart, just stick a paragraph in the outer corner of your eye. Of course, the most important thing at this time is that I still need an artifact, which is a mirror, ha ha. The mirror I use is the one with lights that I bought on Taobao, because I think that when applying eye makeup, you must be able to see very clearly in order to stick to it more smoothly. When applying it, bend the false eyelashes to make them softer. Then, his eyes looked in the mirror. Adjust the angle of the false eyelashes and gently press the false eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes. Press it for a few seconds and let the eyelashes knead completely. We can also use tweezers to clamp and debond, first paste the middle, and then paste the middle. Then clamp the root of the outer tail of the false eyelashes, and slowly glue the end of the eye, and then when it is attached to the corner of the eye, first clamp the root of the false eyelash and slowly send it to the inner corner of the eye. In this way, the false eyelashes are attached, and the other eye is done in the same way. If you don’t like to use tweezers, use your hands. After attaching it, gently push the entire false eyelashes in with your fingers to make the false eyelashes fit the eyelids completely. If the adhesive is not dry, attach it. If the eyelashes are not sticky, they will sag. Repeat a few more times, the adhesive will become whitish, so I have to use eyeliner to change it to cover it. It will be ugly if it is not glued well, and it will feel uncomfortable at first, and some eyes will be uncomfortable, so we have to get used to it for a while after we stick it. Blink your eyes. If some people are allergic to glue, the editor still recommends that you don’t stick eyelashes. You can apply eyelashes. If you think it takes time, you can also plant eyelashes, which will save more money. Time, and it’s good to go out without makeup.
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