How much is the luminous false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-08
The black technology from the island country-luminous mascara, your eyelashes will glow without the need for batteries and wires, and it feels brighter and blinded by dog u200bu200balloy eyes. It may become a new wave of fashion craze. Illuminated false eyelashes have not yet been launched. According to Japanese media According to reports, the team of Professor Takakuni Do Seki from Ritsumeikan University in Japan announced on the 11th of this month that they have jointly developed 'light-emitting false eyelashes' using 'wireless power transmission' technology with Shiseido, and produced trial products. It is reported that the false eyelashes can emit green light and flash according to music. The team stated that it is expected to be 'used in singers' concerts.' According to reports, the light-emitting principle of the trial product is to transmit electromagnetic waves equivalent to about 10 watts of electricity from a power transmission device, and receive power through a small power receiver with a length of about 35 mm and a weight of about 0.2 grams of false eyelashes, so that the LED emits light. . The existing luminous false eyelashes have limitations such as visible wires. In order not to affect the health of the user, the trial product will be placed 1.5 meters away from the power transmission device for use. The time to market for products such as safety confirmation has not yet been determined. So the price has not been set, is it harmful to glow false eyelashes? It is reported that the intensity of this kind of microwave is lower than the Japanese national standard and is harmless to the human body. The staff of Shiseido said: “This kind of luminous false eyelashes can be used as a fashion element in dark places such as concerts, dances, and fireworks.” At present, the power transmission range of the device is the longest. 1.5 meters, this figure will be further improved in the future. Glowing false eyelashes comment is useful for concerts, attracting the attention of idols, twinkling and twinkling, all eyes are full of led lights! Sun Wukong’s fire-eyed golden eyes don’t say go out at night to scare people, will I also be blinded? Looks like Monkey’s 'fire-eyed golden eyesMicrowaves can be used to transmit current to a distance. In the future, this technology is also expected to be applied to some human wearable devices that can continuously record body temperature and heartbeat. Ritsumeikan University's electronic engineering professor Doshiki Takakuk’s research team made a small power receiving device (3.5cm in length) with LEDs and antennas, and installed it on the false eyelashes on the market. In the demonstration experiment that day, the power receiving device on the false eyelashes received the microwaves emitted by the power generating device, making the false eyelashes also emit a green light. Luminous eyelashes have been created for a long time. This eyelashes was named 'Flashy Eyelashes' and was first created by designer TienPham. Although it has a very cool appearance, it is worn in the same way as other false eyelashes-just stick it on with eyelash glue. This eyelash can be matched with LEDs of different colors to present a completely different visual effect. Even the way of changing the light is also selectable, there are rolling, dancing and strobe, users only need to switch through the button to achieve. Some people are curious about how it works. In fact, the energy required by these LED light sources is provided by the watch battery, which can last about 4 hours of working time when fully charged. Designer Pham said: 'I want to make the product lighter. The controller is fixed behind the user's head by a hairpin, and there are thin wires connected to each eyelash, but they are almost imperceptible unless someone is very close. '
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