How to apply false eyelashes? How to apply false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-14
Do you still know how to stick false eyelashes? Originally, your eyes are very beautiful, and you can’t bear to look straight after sticking them, but false eyelashes can really give you a pair of big piercing eyes, so today I will teach you Glue the false eyelashes, learn well~ The method of applying false eyelashes. The first step is to draw the eyeshadow and inner eyeliner so that the makeup will be removed after the application is completed. The second step is to take out the false eyelashes and place them on the eyes for comparison. In general, false eyelashes will be longer in shape, so you need to trim off the extra space. Newbies can cut off more to avoid uncomfortable eyelashes. The third step is to lightly apply glue to the roots of the eyelashes. Pay attention here! It must be in the cross section. You can also apply a small amount to the bottom of the eyelashes. Do not apply to the top of the eyelash stalks! Otherwise, the marks will be obvious after drying! The fourth step is to finally start to paste~ Wait for 20 seconds to wait for the glue to become translucent and the strongest viscosity Use tweezers to gently attach the false eyelashes to the root of the eyelashes. Pay attention! First, paste the middle part to determine the position of the eyelashes. Don’t be afraid to paste the wrong eyelashes. You can adjust it if it is too long from the end of the eye. Part~ The adjustment must be done while the glue is not dry! Otherwise it is difficult to handle! The fifth step is to wait for the glue to dry and check the remaining traces on the transparent stem. Just use an eyeliner pen to fill it up. I thought it would be over here! At this time, the real and false eyelashes must be layered. It looks ugly from the side. As long as you don’t get blind, you will know that you have put on the false eyelashes! Be sure to use the eyelash curler to curl the true and false eyelashes so that it looks more obvious in the photo. You don’t need to use mascara to stick the real eyelashes firmly on the upper and lower eyelashes of the false eyelashes. Don’t forget ~ otherwise it will feel top-heavy! PS: I personally don’t like to stick the eyelash brush. Just brush it~ Some students here will say that if you put it, you will bring the whole world to know that I put false eyelashes! This fairy will definitely not forget it~ The thick sharpened version is also ready for everyone! The steps are the same as above ~ These two eyelashes are the most comfortable of the bunch of eyelashes I tried! There is no discomfort in the eyelashes! These two eyelashes are the most comfortable of the bunch of eyelashes I tried! There is no discomfort in the eyelashes at all! Good quality false eyelashes are not easy to deform and won’t be broken if you just stick them once. If you don’t have false eyelashes, you really don’t feel like you have a soul. It’s no wonder that you can become a female celebrity. When it comes down, the eyelids will loosen and the eyelashes will fall off. The correct way is to pour plenty of makeup remover on cotton pads. Don’t be reluctant to make your eyelashes more precious! Lightly apply the false eyelashes to the eye area for 10 seconds and it will be good.
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