How to apply false eyelashes more natural?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-13
False eyelashes are a very common cosmetic product in our daily life. Many people have the habit of putting on false eyelashes. False eyelashes can effectively enlarge the eyes and make the eyes more energetic. Many people have bad eyelash conditions, so they can apply fake eyelashes. Eyelashes to change the eyes. How to attach false eyelashes more natural 1. Single cluster of false eyelashes-soft style 2. False eyelash tweezers 3. Eyelash curler 4. False eyelash glue 5. Daily throw box (used to hold false eyelash glue for easy application) Specific steps: No. Step: First, use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, so that the original relatively drooping eyelashes have a certain curvature, so that the subsequent single clusters will not be pressed down, resulting in no natural curling. Step 2: Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and take the glue. Note that the amount of glue does not need to be too much. After it dries, gently place it on the place where you want to paste it. After sticking it, use tweezers to lift it up to slightly fix the curled eyelashes. angle. You can start from the top of the eye, but remember to leave about 1cm away from the top of the eye, otherwise it will be a bit fake. Step 3: When you reach the two-thirds position of the eyeliner, you can start to paste a longer single cluster. It should be noted that after each cluster is placed, the single cluster should be pushed up once it is stable to maintain the degree of curling. False eyelashes tutorial step1.2. Use tweezers to clamp the excess eyelash stems on both sides of the eyelashes, and gently remove the eyelashes, being careful not to damage the shape of the eyelashes. Step3. Use your nails to remove the excess glue from the roots of the eyelashes. Step4. Drop the excess transparent stems at both ends of the eyelashes. Step5. Put the eyelashes on the eyelids and compare the length of the eyes. Step6. Cut both ends of the long and short sides in the middle) step7. Bend the eyelashes up and down to make the eyelash stems softer step8. Apply glue to the roots of the eyelashes and wait for 10-20 seconds for the glue to half dry. (Try to apply it to the outside of the stem, so that the eyelashes are easy to be curled) step9. During the waiting period, we will clamp our eyelashes as much as possible. step10. Hold the eyelashes in one hand, and use tweezers in the other hand to place them on the eyelid above your eyelashes in the order of the middle, the inner part of the eye, and the end of the eye. (As close to the real eyelashes as possible) step11. Adjust the angle when the glue is not completely dry (upward in the middle, press down on the end of the eye) step12. Use liquid eyeliner to fill in the gaps and traces of the eyeliner. step13. Clamp the lower eyelashes with tweezers and place them in the middle of the lower eyelids to fix them (the lower eyelashes are attached to the bottom of their own eyelashes) step14. Attach the eyelid part step15.16. The eyelashes can be slightly freed to make the eyes look bigger. This completes the steps of wearing false eyelashes. Correct method of attaching false eyelashes 1. When cutting eyelashes, you must trim the false eyelashes according to your eye shape. First, determine the position of the eye head, and then trim the most suitable length. But one thing to note is that you can't trim too long at one time during pruning. 2. Glue Apply an appropriate amount of glue directly to the roots of the false eyelashes. When the church dries quickly, gently bend the false eyelashes directly to make the eyelashes look softer and more realistic. It is worth noting that the best quality of glue is better, so that the quality can be guaranteed, and the effect of the paste will be better. 3. Begin to paste and paste the false eyelashes directly on the roots of the eyelashes, and then paste them according to the order of the middle, the inner part of the eye, and the end of the eye. And press and fix it well, so that the effect of the post will be more realistic. 4. Liquid eyeliner fused with false eyelashes. Some people may have white adhesive on the false eyelashes when they finish applying the false eyelashes. At this time, we need to use liquid eyeliner to cover these parts to make the eyelashes look more natural and realistic. . After two tricks, have you learned how to use eyelashes to make your eyes bigger? Try it for such obvious effects!
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