How to apply single cluster false eyelashes best?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-19
How to apply single cluster of false eyelashes: First step: prepare everything first, including tweezers and glue, and don’t pull off all the eyelashes like this at the end. It is recommended to use one strain, or just take a breath and it will disappear. Up. Step 2: Apply a thin layer of glue to the concave surface of the eyelashes, and apply it according to the range in the box above, and apply both the stems and hairs, not too much, otherwise there will be white residue after drying. Step 3: Starting from the end of the eye, use tweezers to stick the eyelashes on the inner side of the real eyelashes, like a sticker, stack the real and false eyelashes together, using 10mm at the end of the eye. The fourth step: continue to paste, 10mm paste about 2-3 plants, three plants are pasted on the picture, each plant does not need to be too close, probably just next to each other, the effect can be more natural. Step 5: Continue to stick to the eye. After the 3 strains of 10mm are pasted, stick 3 strains of 8mm5p, which is slightly thicker than the 10mm4p. You can have a little darkening effect in the middle and back of the eyes. The length and density can be based on your own Demand selection. Step 6: Continue to paste forward, add 3 strains of 8mm4p, which is the same as the 10mm concentration at the end of the eye, and the upper eyelash part is completed here. The number, length, and concentration of eyelashes can be selected according to your needs. Step 7: Finally, after each eyelash is attached, use tweezers to pinch the real and false eyelashes together as shown in the picture above to make the false eyelashes firmer. How to remove false eyelashes. The first step is to dip a cotton swab into an appropriate amount of cleansing oil, and wipe the roots of the eyelashes first. It is worth noting that when you wipe the roots of the eyelashes, you must be gentle and carefully wipe off the glue of the false eyelashes. Step 2: The roots of the false eyelashes wiped with cleansing oil will fall off after a few minutes, so when removing the false eyelashes, do not forcefully tear the false eyelashes stuck to the eyelids, because this will make your original eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are torn off for a long time, tearing the false eyelashes forcefully will make the eyelids loose or even droop. Step 3: After the false eyelashes are completely separated and peeled off by the cleansing oil, use a clean cleansing cotton to pour the new cleansing oil on the cleansing cotton, and then apply the cleansing cotton to the eyes. When applying the cleansing cotton to the eyes, be sure Close your eyes, because this will prevent the cleansing oil from getting into your eyes and hurting your eyes.
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