How to attach false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-08
Long and thick eyelashes are what everyone wants. They are born without them. They can be solved by makeup the day after tomorrow. False eyelashes are worn by many beauty-loving female friends when they put on makeup. Many novices are not very good at wearing false eyelashes. How to apply false eyelashes 1. Clamp your own eyelashes. Before applying false eyelashes, you need to clip your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Because your own eyelashes are not curled enough, you need to use a tool to clip them first. The eyelashes look very natural and will not be as straight as before, especially the mascara can play a good role, the curvature of the eyelashes can be fixed, and the durability is strong. 2. Trimming the false eyelashes Some novices will habitually stick the false eyelashes directly. This is wrong. You should trim it before use. The length and width of each person's eyelashes are different, and their own eyelashes are generally the most in the middle position. It’s longer and shorter on both sides. If you want the false eyelashes to stick to your eyes naturally, you must trim the false eyelashes to the same length as your own eye shape. If they are longer, you must use scissors to cut off a part, and the tail should not exceed The curvature of your own eyelashes, the corners of the eyes and the end of the eyes should be as natural as possible, otherwise it will make your eyes uncomfortable when you close your eyes. 3. Absorb the oil before applying it. In summer, a lot of oil is easy to grow on the eyelids. The oily skin will be oily at a very fast rate. Before choosing the false eyelashes, use oil-absorbing paper to absorb the oil on the eyelids, or use a little loose powder. To solve the problem, loose powder has the effect of controlling oil. After the oil is removed, the false eyelashes can become firmer and will not easily fall off the eyelashes. 4. Apply glue to the false eyelashes. In order to keep the false eyelashes fixed to the eyelashes, first place the root of the false eyelashes upward, and then carefully squeeze the glue onto the false eyelashes. When applying it, you should apply it from the middle of the eyelashes to both sides. There will be more glue in the area of u200bu200bthe head and the end of the eyes, which is easy to solidify and is extremely sticky. 5. Pay attention to the order of attaching false eyelashes. When attaching, look down with your eyes and your nose facing the mirror. You can see the specific contour of the eyelashes, and then locate the position of the eyelashes, starting from the area of u200bu200bthe eyelashes. Go to the middle position, and finally, just tidy up a bit at the end and it's over. Steps of applying false eyelashes 1. Prepare tools: eyeliner, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, glue and small clip. 2. After clamping your own eyelashes, first check whether the length of the false eyelashes is suitable for your own eyes. If it is too long, it needs to be trimmed. Generally speaking, the tail end will be longer. It is most suitable to cut from the end, but it is important to note that the two false eyelashes should be trimmed symmetrically. 3. Before applying the eyelash glue, it is best to massage the false eyelashes to make them softer, so as to adjust the degree of curl that suits the eyes. 4. Note that when applying eyelash glue, apply a little more on the inside of the eye and at the end of the eye, because these two positions are the easiest to lift up. At this time, the small clip can play a very good role, you can use it to adjust the eyelashes, start from the middle, and then slowly adjust the end of the eye and the tip of the eye. 5. The most critical step is to use eyeliner to fill in the blank after applying the false eyelashes, because sometimes the glue will not dry out easily and will appear white, which looks weird. 6. For the lower eyeliner, the most important thing is to distinguish the front and back. Contrary to the upper eyelashes, the lower eyelashes are drooping downwards, just apply the front side. In addition, you don't have to wait long for the eyelashes to be attached, and they can be attached after a few seconds. Of course, if the upper eyelashes are attached, you can’t ignore your lower eyelashes. You still have to apply the lower eyelashes. You can use mascara for the lower eyelashes. Of course, the lower eyelashes are also sold. If you want a thicker makeup, you can. To paste it, we can just apply some mascara once, so that it will look more natural and perfect.
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