How to choose false eyelashes is correct?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-15
Long eyelashes are like dancing butterflies, making the eyes deep and mysterious. Wearing false eyelashes can best enlarge the eyes. But how to make false eyelashes look like your own eyelashes? Today, we will analyze the hair and stem of false eyelashes, and take everyone to choose a suitable false eyelashes. How to choose false eyelashes Not everyone has thick and charming eyelashes. At this time, false eyelashes come in handy. Let us put aside the various false eyelashes on the market, learn about them from the false eyelashes themselves, and select the most suitable false eyelashes to achieve the effect of naturally enlarging the eyes. Three-step selection of false eyelashes Select false eyelashes according to the hair quality and consist of hairs and stems. Hair is the most directly visible part of the appearance. Its material, length, curl, softness, etc. are all important factors that determine whether the upper eye of the false eyelashes can blend with its own eyelashes and show the natural and true eyelashes. (1) Real-hair false eyelashes: made of natural hair, such as mink hair, horse hair, and even human hair and eyebrows. The hair quality of this kind of false eyelashes is similar to that of human hair, and it is very soft, with a little oily luster, and naturally curled, the whole is very our own eyelashes. Therefore, it is mixed with real eyelashes when worn, and it is almost fake and natural, and the naturalness is very good. Suitable for the crowd: Because it is close to our own eyelashes, it can be worn with real eyelashes completely. It is almost invisible to wear false eyelashes. It is the first choice for people who pursue natural makeup and fake makeup. However, it should be noted that the production process of this kind of false eyelashes is complicated and contains animal cell molecules. People with sensitive eyes or those who are allergic to animal hair should not choose it, otherwise it will easily cause eye inflammation. (2) Artificial fiber false eyelashes: It is made of synthetic and woven chemical fiber, combined with sharpening technology, the fiber hair tail is sharpened, and the fineness is coarsely divided. The hair quality of this kind of eyelashes is relatively hard, neatly arranged, and the degree of curvature is uniform. The glossiness of the eyelashes under the light is higher than that of the real-hair type false eyelashes, and the naturalness is slightly lower than that of the real-hair type false eyelashes. Suitable for the crowd: Because it is neatly arranged and has a uniform curvature, the naturalness is definitely not as good as the scattered real-hair false eyelashes. However, it presents a natural and bright luster, so people who want to increase the gloss of eyelashes and highlight eye makeup are the first choice. As long as the softness is moderate and the hair length is not staggered, it will be very natural to wear. When using it, use an eyelash curler to clamp the curl of the real eyelashes to the curl of the false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes and the real eyelashes can be blended naturally.
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