How to choose false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-13
Eyelash beauty is an indispensable makeup step for women. How should I choose so many false eyelashes on the market? What kind of eyelashes are suitable for you? Today, I will give you a detailed introduction! How to choose female false eyelashes 1. Japanese-European difference false eyelashes are divided into European and American styles and Japanese styles. European and American styles are characterized by concentration, which is suitable for girls with prominent eye contours or who want to create a stage effect. Japanese products are mostly produced in Taiwan, and the effect is relatively natural, which is suitable for the eye shape of Orientals. 2. Personality determines the type. Expensive price and cheapness are not the only difference between quality. If you are careless, daily throwing cheap false eyelashes is more suitable. You can also invest in expensive eyelashes. When buying artistic eyelashes, you must buy a brand. The effect is gorgeous and not cheap. 3. Similar to the original eyelashes, when choosing false eyelashes, you should choose the same density, the same color, and a slightly longer false eyelashes. Cutting off the tails of one-third of the length of the eyelashes before putting them on will make the false eyelashes look more vivid and natural, and you will not be able to see that you are wearing false eyelashes. How to choose the false eyelashes that suit you? 1. Weak eyelashes are generally thin and short in length. It is recommended to match with thinner false eyelashes, such as 0.07, 0.10 is the best, and the length of 8mm is the best. 2. It is recommended to use curled eyelashes with upward curling eyelashes (note: many people curl up at the end of the eye, about 10-20), and use straight or shorter false eyelashes to extend the end of the eye. 3. Oblique horizontal eyelashes are recommended to be adjusted according to the eye shape. False eyelashes need to be adjusted properly during grafting, and try not to cause 90 degrees + complete crossover, otherwise it will easily fall off, and the roots of the eyelashes will also become crossed and uncomfortable. 4. People who have messy eyelashes usually have the habit of rubbing their eyes. It is recommended to match eyelashes of different specifications according to the different directions of each eyelash to make a complete effect. For example, if the real eyelashes are in the upward direction with straighter false eyelashes, the real eyelashes are in the downward direction with the curled false eyelashes. Make sure that the distance between each eyelash and the adjacent eyelashes is as parallel as possible, and the overall curl is on a horizontal line when viewed from the side. 3. Pay attention to the use of false eyelashes. 1. Trim the false eyelashes to a suitable length. You can not wear the false eyelashes immediately. You should trim the false eyelashes to the length that suits you. The ideal false eyelashes should be applied one by one, which is the most natural. But many women like to use eyelash strips, which is more convenient. PS: The most suitable color for oriental women is dark brown or black. It can blend with your own eyelashes and look natural. 2. Do not stick the inner corner of the eye and trim the false eyelashes carefully. Do not line the false eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. If you take a closer look at your own eyelashes, you will find that there are no eyelashes at the inner corner of the eye, so you should put false eyelashes one millimeter away from the inner corner of the eye. 3. You can add mascara and put liquid eyeliner on the eyelashes, or you can use liquid eyeliner and then apply mascara on the real and fake eyelashes. The effect is particularly good. Do not use false eyelashes on the lower eyelids, as they will look exaggerated. It is best to use mascara only. How should I take care of my eyelashes properly? 1. Note after grafting: Please avoid washing your face, bathing, sauna, swimming, etc. about 6 hours after grafting your eyelashes. After grafting, the special glue for eyelashes seems to be air-dried, but in fact it is not completely cured. Touching water at this time will make the eyelashes fall off easily, and may also make the glue white. 2. Pay attention when washing your face: ① Try to use non-oily cleansing milk. The oily ingredients easily penetrate into the bonding area and may cause the eyelashes to fall off prematurely. ②Do not rub your face casually, but use your fingers to wash from above the eyelids. ③Do not face your eyes directly when taking a shower. Strong water pressure will cause the eyelashes to deform and fall off early. ④After washing your face, gently press from the top of the eyelids to wipe off the moisture. Be careful not to let the fibers of the towel catch your eyelashes. 3. Pay attention to skin care: wipe the lotion with a cotton pad, and avoid hooking the eyelashes when tapping it near the eyelashes. If oily lotion or cream adheres to the eyelashes, wipe gently with a wet cotton pad or cotton swab. 4. Pay attention to make-up: ①Use a softer liquid eyeliner pen or liquid eyeliner, hard pen or eyeliner rubbing the root of the eyelashes, which will cause a burden and be easy to fall off. ②When the eye shadow or foundation is attached to the eyelashes, wipe it with a wet wipe. ③It is best not to use mascara. ④It is best not to use an eyelash curler, as the grafted eyelashes and the original eyelashes will fall off easily.
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