How to distinguish between false eyelashes and eyelashes for different eye types

by:Liruijie     2021-08-14
Everyone's eye shape is different. When we put on false eyelashes, we should pay attention to choosing the suitable false eyelashes according to different types of false eyelashes to enlarge the eyes and modify the shape of the eyes. How to distinguish false eyelashes? False eyelashes must be distinguished from the end of the eye and the end of the eye can be worn naturally. Generally, false eyelashes are shorter in the inner corner of the eye and elongated in the outer corner. There are different options for different eyelashes. When choosing false eyelashes, choose different styles according to different needs to create different makeup effects. Wearing different styles of false eyelashes is natural. There are many styles of false eyelashes suitable for different eye shapes. There are natural styles, curled styles, extended tail styles, cross-dense styles, and so on. Choose the appropriate false eyelashes according to your eyes and the desired eye makeup effect. If you have long eyes and want your eyes to look rounder and cute, choose the longer style in the middle. If you have round eyes and want the feeling of long eyes, you can choose a longer eye tail. False eyelashes have the effect of lengthening the eye shape, so that the eyelashes can be thicker and longer, and the delicate eyelashes can beautify the eye shape. Tips for attaching eyelashes First, cut off the front and rear stems of the false eyelashes, trim them to an appropriate length and width, apply glue to the false eyelashes, and bend it slightly to make it easier to bond the false eyelashes. Then stick the false eyelashes to the root of the eyelashes close to you, and then gently press it with your hands, be sure to lighten it, and make it more fixed. If the glue is conspicuous, you can use an eyeliner to brush it, paying attention to the extension direction and length of the false eyelashes.
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