How to distinguish the authenticity of false eyelash glue?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-19
The false eyelash glue does not feel allergic, and it dries and blends with the skin tone after a while. How to distinguish the true and false of duo false eyelash glue? Duo false eyelash glue is the true and false identification chart. False eyelash glue genuine and fake packaging front: The background block of the “squeeze eyelash glue” pattern on the front of the genuine packaging is an irregular rectangle. The fake background block is a complete rectangle. Top of the package: Comparing the picture below, you can see that the three letters 'DUO' on the top of the genuine package are connected together, while the three letters on the fake package are separate. Detailed comparison of the sealing crimping line: The authentic sealing crimping line is a vertical bar with a product code and a small black square printed on it. The seal pressure line of the fake is diagonal, and nothing is printed on it. Bottle spout: Observing the picture below, we can see that the authentic bottle spout is wider and longer than the fake one. The fake ones are thinner and shorter. The effect shows that DUO false eyelash glue is made of rubber tree emulsion. It is very sticky and will not harden after drying. Instead, it will become very elastic, just like an elastic rubber band. Gently pull it from the eyelid and the eyelid will not hurt, and the residual glue remaining at the root of the false eyelashes is also easy to pull off, which is very convenient to clean up.
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