How to distinguish true and false dup false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-19
Eyelashes are one of the important corners that make the eyes deep and moving. In addition to brushing mascara, it is a higher level of false eyelashes. MM who often uses false eyelashes will always find that the false eyelashes are after the eyelids are glued. The end of the eye pops open, and finally sticks to the end of the eye and leaves the eyelashes unobediently. MMs are calm, DUP false eyelash glue helps you get rid of the problem that false eyelashes are always mischievous and difficult to settle! DUP false eyelash glue, the thin brush head can accurately brush the roots of the false eyelashes without excessive overflow and stickiness. The quick-drying and fast-sticking effect makes you look real after wearing the false eyelashes. The same charming foreign sister with long eyelashes, and it can be applied repeatedly. It doesn’t matter if you don’t align the eyeliner. It’s good to tear off and reapply again. With the hypoallergenic formula, it can better care for delicate and fragile eyes. The skin will make you beautiful and at ease. dup false eyelashes compare the true and false front of the package: the brand name on the front of the genuine package is the same size, and the EX in the font below is yellow, while the brand name on the front of the fake package is different in size, and the word EX at the bottom is not yellow. . The back of the package: There is a demonstration diagram on the back of the genuine package, while the back of the fake package is only text; Bottle cap: The mouth of the genuine bottle cap has a serrated slot to prevent the glue from leaking more firmly. The mouth of the fake bottle cap is flat, and the leak-proof effect is unknown; Bottle mouth: Comparing the picture above, it is obvious that the screw teeth of the genuine bottle mouth are thicker and the height is higher than that of the fake bottle. It’s higher. It can be seen from here that the workmanship and material of the fakes are not generally poor.
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