How to paste false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-11
A few years ago, there were only gorgeous eyelashes, but now all kinds of natural-style false eyelash products are no longer new. False eyelashes can be used to create different styles of eye makeup. Mastering the use of false eyelashes can also help correct the eyes. Type! Paste the entire false eyelashes 1. First, compare the length of your own eyes with the length of the false eyelashes, put the false eyelashes under your eyes for comparison, and cut the air to be slightly longer than your own eyes. 2. Put the sperm under the eyes , Look down like mascara eyes 3. The end of the white dot wreath in the picture is not easy to fall off. Be sure to apply the glue carefully 4. Wait a few seconds, when the glue dries a little, the adhesive force is the strongest. Use Clamp the middle part of the false eyelashes with tweezers. 5. Press the false eyelashes from the middle part, as if sticking to the roots of the eyelashes, and fix them from the central part, so that the false eyelashes can be positioned accurately and will not be biased back and forth! 6. Fix the front part of the eyelashes along the direction of your own eyelashes. 7. The remaining back part is also fixed along your own eyelashes in the same way. 8. After the paste is completed, use the tweezers to gently hold the root of the false eyelashes. Push it in, and gently push each place a few times to make it completely fixed 9. If the false eyelashes are sticky and drooping, you can flick it up a few times like brushing mascara to make the false eyelashes rise by themselves. How to trim the false eyelashes ?Step1: Before applying the false eyelashes, draw the eyeliner first, and use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes into a curled arc, so that the eyelashes can maintain the proper curvature. If you want to make the eyelashes thicker, you can use a curling mascara Bring the eyelashes lightly to ensure that your own eyelashes can fit well with the false eyelashes, but they are not brushed too thickly. Step2: Gently pinch the false eyelashes with your hands, measure the length of the eyelashes on your eyes, and then trim the false eyelashes with small scissors. This can ensure that the length of the false eyelashes is well connected with the length of the real eyelashes. Step3: Gently 'massage' the false eyelashes and bend the false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes soft, especially the stalk. The arc of the eyelash stalk should be adapted to the curvature of the eye. Step4: Next, we need to trim the length of the stalk of the false eyelashes. Note that the inner corner of the eye is about 2 mm away from the middle of the eye and there is no eyelashes, so leave the false eyelashes at the inner eye to 2 mm, and the tail The eyelashes are longer, so the eyelashes from the inner corner to the end of the eye are gradually getting longer, do not leave too long at the end of the eye, otherwise it will be easy to degummed and affect the effect of false eyelashes. It should also be noted that the false eyelashes of the two eyes must be cut symmetrically, so as to present the most perfect natural effect.
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