How to remove false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-19
Steps to remove false eyelashes: 1. Dip the cleansing oil with a cotton swab and rub it on the roots of the false eyelashes. The technique must be gentle ~ don't use too much force. 2. In fact, the eyelashes will fall off automatically after a while. Don’t just pull it off just to save some time. As long as you pull it, it will feel pain. After a long time, the eyelids will be loose. 3. Seeing that the false eyelashes have already fallen off by themselves, it is better to fall off by yourself than pulling. In the past, Xiaomo also pulled directly, often pulling off his real eyelashes together. 4. See that it's almost gone~~ In fact, it is very fast, you must be patient, and it is not troublesome to remove the false eyelashes. Take a look at the removed eyelashes~ This way, even the glue from the roots of the eyelashes can be removed by the way! 5. Next, take a clean cotton pad, pour it on the cotton pad with cleansing oil and apply it to the eyes~ Remember to close your eyes Oh~ When you take off the cotton pad after applying it for 5 seconds, gently tape it outwards. 6. You can also directly apply the false eyelash remover to the root of the eyelashes. If necessary, you can apply it twice. 7. After waiting for 10-15 seconds, gently pull down the eyelashes. 8. While the glue is melted, wipe off the false eyelashes on a paper towel.
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