How to remove the false eyelash glue?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-11
False eyelash glue is very sticky, buy one that sticks to eyelashes, it can last all day. So how to remove the false eyelash glue? How to remove the false eyelash glue? How to remove the false eyelash glue 1. Apply the special remover for false eyelashes to the roots of the eyelashes, and you can quickly remove them directly. The glue remaining on the false eyelashes can be wiped off with a cotton swab or moistened with water. This is the easiest method, and it does not harm false eyelashes. 2. Pour the makeup remover on the makeup remover cotton and apply it on the eyes for 20-30 seconds... Wait for the false eyelashes to fall off naturally. Then wipe off the glue remaining on the eyelids with a cotton swab or a makeup remover. If the mm is super sticky For the glue, please use a special remover. 3. You can rub it with a grease-rich cream, which can be very easy, and it moisturizes the skin and solves the problem of glue. It is cheap and easy to use. 4. If you have a special makeup remover or Makeup remover such as make-up remover is very convenient. Make-up remover; pour it on the cotton pad and wipe it out slowly. Finally use a cotton swab to clean up. Make-up remover; close your eyes on a cotton pad and apply it so that the remover is fully fused with the glue and then gently rub it on. 5. You can use a cotton swab dipped in a little makeup remover and apply it on the roots of the eyelashes. Rub gently ~ rub more with makeup remover or apply it for a while. Which brand of false eyelash glue is good? DUO eyelash glue reference price: 90 yuan Selling point: the best-selling false eyelash glue in the world. The only false eyelash glue that meets medical and surgical standards. DUO glue is a royal product of M.A.C. M.A.C's false eyelashes and body stickers all use DUO glue. Reference price of Shu Uemura false eyelashes viscose: 150 yuan Selling point: mild glue, squeezing outlet is easy to apply. Easily glues false eyelashes and is very strong against sweat and oil. Adele false eyelash glue reference price: 28 yuan Selling point: made of natural oak latex, super sticky, easy to remove makeup. No need for makeup remover, it takes 5 seconds to remove it by hand, leaving no debris or acid. The glue is white when it is just squeezed out, and becomes transparent when it is completely dried. Koji false eyelash glue reference price: 90 yuan Selling point: liquid white, after drying, it is transparent and very fine glue brush, easy to use. It is safe to use cosmetic raw materials and does not harm the delicate eye skin. Contains natural rubber ingredients, refreshing and clean, non-sticky. Strong adhesion, keeping safe and beautiful eyes and lovely makeup all day long. Precautions for false eyelash glue If false eyelash glue accidentally splashes on your eyes, you should seek medical advice immediately. False eyelash glue is easy to solidify in cold weather and needs to be stored properly. The eyes are very sensitive to allergies. If you have sensitive skin, you need to do an allergy test before using false eyelash glue. If you find any allergies, please stop using it immediately.
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