How to remove the false eyelashes without glue?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-10
False eyelashes are a kind of beauty tool, but because false eyelashes need to be glued, they should be removed immediately after using up the false eyelashes every day, otherwise it will cause harm to the eyes, so what should I do if the false eyelashes are lost without glue? How to remove false eyelashes? If the false eyelashes are about to fall off, what to do without glue. If there is no glue on the false eyelashes, you can use double eyelid glue instead. Double eyelid glue is basically the same as false eyelash glue. However, the recommendation cannot be used frequently. When using false eyelash glue, be sure to perform an allergy test. If you use other ordinary glue to stick false eyelashes, it is easy to irritate your eyes and cause allergies. Therefore, it is best to use false eyelash glue to stick false eyelashes in non-emergency situations. Eyes are very sensitive to allergies, so sensitive muscles should be tested for allergy before using false eyelash glue. It is best to stop using it immediately when you find that you have allergies during use. How to remove the false eyelashes? Use a cotton swab to dip a proper amount of cleansing oil and wipe the roots of the eyelashes first. It is worth noting that when you wipe the roots of the eyelashes, you must be gentle and carefully wipe off the glue of the false eyelashes. The roots of the false eyelashes that have been wiped with the cleansing oil will fall off after a few minutes, so when removing the false eyelashes, do not forcefully tear the false eyelashes stuck to the eyelids, because this will cause your original eyelashes to be torn off. , Forcibly tearing false eyelashes for a long time will cause the eyelids to become loose or even droop. After the false eyelashes are completely separated and peeled off by the cleansing oil, use a clean cleansing cotton to pour the new cleansing oil on the cleansing cotton, and then apply the cleansing cotton to the eyes. When the cotton is applied to the eyes, be sure to close it Own eyes, because this can prevent the cleansing oil from entering the eyes and hurting the eyes. After the cotton is applied to the eye area for 10 seconds, remove the cotton. When you take off the cotton, take it away and gently bring it out. The false eyelashes can be easily removed. How to clean false eyelashes: Soak two clean makeup remover cottons with makeup remover water, put the used false eyelashes on them, and cover them with a piece of makeup remover cotton. Gently rub the roots of the false eyelashes with your fingertips to clean up the mascara and glue on the false eyelashes. You can also use a cotton swab to clean the remaining mascara. The glue has not been cleaned up, you can apply makeup remover to the roots of the eyelashes, and then wipe it back and forth with a cotton swab to remove the glue. Or use your fingertips to snap off the glue. Place the cleaned false eyelashes on a dry makeup remover cotton to dry naturally, and then put them in the storage box for storage. In the process of washing the false eyelashes, pay attention and press gently, not too much force to avoid deformation of the eyelashes. How to attach false eyelashes First prepare tools, special glue for attaching eyelashes, false eyelashes flat-tipped tweezers, small pointed scissors, cotton swabs, etc. are all indispensable. We have to choose the color that suits us.  The most suitable color for Asian women is dark brown or black. In this way, the false eyelashes and their own eyelashes look natural. Some girls like to exaggerate a bit, and they can also choose thicker curls and more regular lengths. Mainly if you like it yourself. The false eyelashes just bought are too beautiful and unnatural, so they should not be pasted intact and must be properly trimmed. We also need to cut the length of the false eyelashes according to the size of our eyes. When trimming, the false eyelashes of both eyes must be of the same density. You can also cut a false eyelash in half and stick it to the part you want to strengthen, such as the outer corner of the eye and the center of the eyelashes. Adjust the angle of the false eyelashes and gently press the false eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes. Press it for a few seconds and let the eyelashes knead completely. We can also use tweezers to clamp and debond, first paste the middle, and then paste the middle. Then clamp the root of the outer tail of the false eyelashes, and slowly glue the end of the eye, and then when sticking to the corner of the eye, first clamp the root of the false eyelash and slowly send it to the inner corner of the eye. In this way, the false eyelashes are attached.
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