How to stick false eyelashes without piercing your eyes? Do you want to use mascara on false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-14
Eyes are the windows of the soul, so when putting on makeup, eye makeup is also very important. For some girls who have relatively short and scarce eyelashes, false eyelashes are very important, so how can false eyelashes stick to the eyes? Should I use mascara for false eyelashes? How to stick false eyelashes on your eyes? When applying glue to false eyelashes, it is divided into two parts. For the first time, apply a layer of glue all over, wait until the glue dries a little bit to about 30%, and then apply a thick layer on the inner part, the end of the eye and the middle of the false eyelashes. Then wait until the glue on the false eyelashes dries a little, and then apply the glue to the root of the eyelashes when the glue is fixed on the false eyelash stalk. It should be noted that when we trim the length, do not cut the false eyelashes diagonally. The false eyelashes trimmed diagonally have a sharp angle at both ends, and the scissors and false eyelashes will not pierce the eyes if they are trimmed vertically. Do you want to use mascara for false eyelashes? Wear false eyelashes without mascara. When using false eyelashes for a long time, you will find that if you apply mascara at the same time, the life of the false eyelashes will be shortened, so try not to apply mascara after wearing the false eyelashes. This can help you remove makeup easily at night and also increase it. The life span of false eyelashes. The danger of false eyelashes is that some people cause eyelashes to fall off due to personal reasons, but if you often wear false eyelashes, it is easy to cause your real eyelashes to fall off, because when we wear false eyelashes, we use some glue to put the eyelashes on the eyes. On top, when you remove the makeup, the real eyelashes will fall off due to excessive tearing or improper makeup removal. Some people are allergic to glue, which will also cause the real eyelashes to fall off. Is there a shelf life for false eyelashes. The shelf life of beauty products is generally 3 years. The conventional false eyelashes products contain animal hair, which will deteriorate internally over time. It is recommended to use them within one or two years.
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