How to wash off the glue of false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-11
False eyelashes are a kind of cosmetics that many people like. False eyelashes can effectively enlarge the eyes, make the eyes look bigger and more energetic, and can also change the shape of the eyes. Many people like to wear false eyelashes when applying eye makeup. How to wash off the glue of false eyelashes The first step: prepare two cotton swabs filled with makeup remover. Step 2: Use a cotton swab to erase the roots of the eyelashes and remove the false eyelashes. Step 3: Remove eye makeup. Step 4: Prepare a clean makeup remover sponge. Step 5: Fold the cleansing cotton into two sides of different sizes. Step 6: Cut it apart. Step 7: Soak both pieces of makeup remover cotton with makeup remover water. Step 8: Stick the roots of the used false eyelashes on a large piece of makeup remover cotton, as shown in the picture. Step 9: Place another small piece of makeup remover cotton on it, as shown in the picture. Step 10: Gently rub the roots of the false eyelashes with your fingertips. Step 11: Use a curved object to support the cleansing cotton, let the cleansing cotton apply to the roots of the false eyelashes for a while, and then restore the false eyelashes to the original curvature. The twelfth step: remove the top of the cleansing cotton. The thirteenth step: Use your fingertips to pick up the glue that has not been removed from the roots of the false eyelashes. Step 14: Take out the false eyelashes and let it go for a while. Step 15: Put the dried false eyelashes into the storage box. The correct way to clean false eyelashes. It seems too wasteful to lose the new false eyelashes once you use it, but if you reuse it, the thick glue on it seems to affect the makeup feel, so today I will teach you how to clean fake eyelashes quickly and easily. Eyelash method, if you love makeup, you should definitely not miss it. STEP1: Clean the roots of the false eyelashes STEP1: First, soak the cotton swab with water and oil separation eye remover, soak it very moist, and then gently wipe the roots of the false eyelashes. STEP2: Clean up the residual eye shadow and eyeliner STEP2: In order to clean up the eye shadow, residual eyeliner and eyelash glue, moisten a cotton pad with makeup remover and press it on the eye. After about 30 seconds, it will be very clean. At this time, the removed eyelashes, roots It's all glue. STEP3: Soak the cotton pad with makeup remover STEP3: Fold the clean cotton pad in half into two rectangles, pay attention to a narrow one and a slightly wider one, then cut it, and then soak the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover. STEP4: Make-up remover soaks the roots of the false eyelashes. STEP4: Put the false eyelashes on the wide half. Of course, keep the hair slightly outside. Do not cover the entire false eyelashes. Remember, otherwise it may be deformed; then cover the narrow ones. For that piece, use your fingers to gently compact the roots so that the liquid can soak the roots as much as possible. STEP5: Bend the cotton pad. STEP5: Bend the cotton pad so that the two pieces of cotton pad are pressed firmly. When you take it away the next day, you will see two black marks, which means that the glue on it has fallen off. Can false eyelashes be reused? False eyelashes can be reused, but it also depends on the type of false eyelashes. Generally, false eyelashes with a cotton thread stem cannot be reused because of insufficient support after removing makeup. Other eyelash stems can generally be reused several times. Under what circumstances can the false eyelashes be reused 1. Remove the false eyelashes correctly. When removing the makeup, be careful not to pull the false eyelashes. Try to use the eye and lips to remove the wet compress and slowly remove it. 2. Do not put eyeshadow or mascara on the false eyelashes. Apply eye makeup and then apply false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes clean without affecting the next use. 3. Do not use mascara on false eyelashes. Mascara cannot be removed from false eyelashes. Use it once and then discard it~ You can brush your eyelashes with mascara before applying false eyelashes. Fourth, we must master the correct method of cleaning false eyelashes.
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