Is it okay to stick false eyelashes for a long time, and what is the harm of frequent false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-04
Everyone should be familiar with false eyelashes. False eyelashes have a good makeup effect and can beautify and enlarge the eyes. However, long-term use of false eyelashes is harmful to our eyes. We must reduce the frequency of wearing false eyelashes. Is it okay to stick false eyelashes for a long time? 1. It is not good to occupy false eyelashes for a long time; 2. False eyelashes need glue to bond. If the glue is not used well, it will damage the eyelids and the eyelashes. In severe cases, it will cause keratitis, blepharitis, red and swollen eyes. Appearance has a very bad effect on the body. Long-term application will cause redness and peeling of the eyelids, wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, and even blindness; 3. You can buy some eyelash growth liquid or use vitamin E every day Apply 3 times on the roots of the eyelashes. The eyelashes grow best during sleep at night, and the effect will be seen in more than a month. What are the hazards of wearing false eyelashes frequently? One: Damage to real eyelashes. Each of us has different skin texture, and our natural hair condition is also different. Some girls are born with thick and dense eyelashes, and some have eyelashes. very long. Every one of us has had eyelashes falling off. This is a very normal phenomenon, but if we wear false eyelashes frequently, it will speed up our eyelashes falling off, because the glue used when attaching false eyelashes is very good. Our eyelashes are harmful, and it is easy to tear off our real eyelashes when the false eyelashes are removed. Hazard 2: Reduce the protective function of our eyes. Long eyelashes are not only for the sake of beauty. In fact, eyelashes are protective for our eyes. Our eyelashes are generally filtered to prevent dust and moisture. Wearing false eyelashes for a long time will make our real eyelashes fall off, which will reduce the protective function of the eyelashes a lot. Moreover, the false eyelashes are too thick and can not provide protection, making the eyes easy to dry and too long. The eyelashes will also affect the health of the eyes, so everyone should try to put on false eyelashes as little as possible. Hazard 3: Affecting eye health. There are many sweat glands and sebaceous glands at the roots of our eyelashes. Generally, some oil and dirt will be secreted throughout the day. If we stick false eyelashes, the glue will block our pores and make the roots of our eyelashes. The skin around the skin cannot wick away perspiration normally, so that there is no way to clean our eyelashes. Originally, false eyelashes have no self-cleaning function, so it is easy to clog our pores and cause folliculitis and hair follicle infection. If we often do this, it will make our eyes. The hair follicles at the eyelashes became very unhealthy. Correct application of false eyelashes 1. Use tweezers to clamp the excess eyelash stems on both sides of the eyelashes, and gently remove the eyelashes, being careful not to damage the shape of the eyelashes. 2. Use your nails to remove the excess glue from the roots of the eyelashes. 3. Remove the excess transparent stems at both ends of the eyelashes before dropping the eyelashes. 4. Put the eyelashes on the eyelids and compare the length of the eyes. Cut both ends of the long and short sides in the middle) 6. Bend the eyelashes up and down to make the eyelash stalks softer. 7. Apply glue to the root of the eyelashes and wait 10-20 seconds for the glue to half dry. (Try to apply it to the outside of the stem, so that the eyelashes are easy to be curled.) 8. While waiting, we clamp our eyelashes as much as possible. How to remove the false eyelashes When the tools are ready, start to remove the makeup. Dip the cleansing oil with a cotton swab and rub it on the roots of the false eyelashes. The technique must be gentle ~ don't apply too much force. In fact, the eyelashes will fall off automatically after a while. Don’t just pull it off just to save a moment. As long as you pull it, it will feel pain. After a long time, your eyelids will definitely become loose. It’s almost done. It’s actually very fast. You have to be patient. It’s not a hassle to remove the false eyelashes. Take a look at the removed eyelashes~ This way, even the glue from the roots of the eyelashes can be removed by the way! Next, take a clean cotton pad, pour it on the cotton pad with cleansing oil and apply it to the eyes~ Remember to close your eyes~ After applying it for 5 seconds, when you take off the cotton pad, gently bring it outward with a gesture.
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