Magnetic False Lashes

  About magnetic false lashes, all styles of eyelashes (mink magnetic eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes and faux mink eyelashes) we have can be made into magnet eyelashes. Our company has obtained a patent for magnetic eyelashes, we can guarantee its quality. You can customize the style of eyelash, the stalk length, magnets and lower eyelashes. The stalk length of magnetic false lashes is usually about 28mm~29mm. About lower eyelashes, there are four types for you to choose: (1) It is totally same as the upper eyelashes (in length and thickness). (2) It is thinner than the upper eyelashes. (3) It is composed of 2 to 4 small lower eyelashes. (4)No lower eyelashes, just magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner. Our magnets have good adhesion and can be used many times. Generally speaking, false lashes are very convenient product.

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