Mink Eyelash

The mink eyelashes of our company includes 6D, D, DL, XC, XCL, and BME series. The mink we use is the hair that minks shed naturally, so it is cruelty-free. Because of the special material, we can control its curvature and length. Their curvature could be normal or exaggerate. Their length could be short (8mm mink eyelashes ), natural (15mm mink eyelashes) and long (25mm mink eyelashes). We can also manufacture fluffy mink eyelashes. Among the series mentioned above, XC and XCL series are colorful eyelashes which are rare in the market. They are 100% handmade. We use pure imported EU certified dye, no harm to the human body. We use the most advanced eyelash dyeing technology, so the colorful eyelashes can withstand high temperature. Even you apply it on a hot day, it will not fade. The difference between XC and XCL is the length. The length of XC is about 15mm, while that of XCL is about 25mm. BME series is our brand series. Its production line is exclusive, so it features with stable quality and prompt delivery. If you just started your own business, BME series is a good choice.

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