Points to buy false eyelashes, the best length of false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-09
Long and dense eyelashes make many people fascinated. Everyone has different eyelash conditions. You can change your eyelash shape by sticking false eyelashes the day after tomorrow. Sticking false eyelashes can make your eyes beautiful. Tips for purchasing false eyelashes 1. The stem is too thick and hard, and sparkles with plastic light. If the stem is too thick, you must draw a thick eyeliner to hide it. Eyelashes that are too thick and black will reflect light under the light, revealing a sense of plasticity. 2. The hair is too thick and warped, showing false appearance. For the false eyelashes that I wear daily, the 'curlness and length' after wearing them exceeds the eye socket NG! It reaches the eyebrows quickly, and the eyes look OMG! Surprised! 3. The soft stem is natural and comfortable. The eyelash stalks are thin and soft, which can follow the shape of the eye when pasted, and the tip and tail of the eye are not easy to lift up. 4. Thick, long and not greedy, with a moderate sense of gaps. Remember to choose the false eyelashes that are very different from your own condition, which is a little more 'thick, long and dense' than the original eyelashes. Try to compare your own eyelashes, the closer it is, the more real it is. The best length of false eyelashes The best length is 1/3 of the width of the eyes. Long and dense eyelashes make many people fascinated, but the longer the eyelashes, the better. Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States studied the length of eyelashes of 22 mammals and concluded that the 'best length' of eyelashes is 1/3 of the width of the eyes. If the 'best length' is exceeded, the effectiveness of keeping the eyes moist and refreshing will decrease, and too long eyelashes may even affect eye health. The eyelashes have a filtering effect, which can prevent the eyes from getting dust and water loss. How to choose false eyelashes for double eyelids Generally, double eyelids are not particularly picky about false eyelashes. Any style or material can be controlled. The eyes are very big, of course, they should be matched with suitable makeup. The editor recommends that you choose cotton false eyelashes. The stalks of cotton false eyelashes are not easy to lift up. Although they are not transparent, they are more invisible when they are attached. It is OK if you don't draw eyeliner, so you don't have to worry about eyeliner makeup. How to choose false eyelashes for single eyelid or bubble eye. Single eyelid MM. When buying false eyelashes, choose a slightly thicker rim, like a comfortable cotton thread ridge may not be suitable for single eyelid MM! Because single eyelid mm usually belongs to the thicker eyelid fat , The cotton thread ridge may not hold up the eyelids. MMs with bubble eyes choose transparent false eyelashes, not only can the false eyelashes hold up, but many MMs can hold up double eyelids, just like the natural formation, coupled with eyeliner and other makeup techniques, often make the eyes more than Double it.
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