The advantages and disadvantages of real eyelashes and false eyelashes can easily cause eye inflammation

by:Liruijie     2021-08-07
The material and softness of the false eyelashes are all important factors that determine whether the upper eye of the false eyelashes can blend with their own eyelashes and show the natural and true eyelashes. Therefore, we should focus on these parts when choosing, and the following editor will show you Here are the advantages and disadvantages of real eyelashes and false eyelashes. The advantages and disadvantages of real hair and false eyelashes 1. Advantages: The real hair and false eyelashes are made of our human hair or eyebrows. Because its material is close to our own eyelashes, it is extremely natural to wear, and the makeup is more delicate and realistic. It blends perfectly with our real eyelashes. It is the first choice for girls who are looking for natural makeup and fake makeup. 2. Disadvantages: Generally, the burning process of real human eyelashes has the smell of scorching hair, and it will turn into ashes after burning, leaving no scum. Girls with sensitive eyes should not choose, because the production process of this kind of false eyelashes is complicated, and girls with sensitive eyes can easily cause eye inflammation. The correct method of attaching false eyelashes step1.2, use tweezers to clamp the excess eyelash stems on both sides of the eyelashes, and gently remove the eyelashes, being careful not to damage the shape of the eyelashes. step3. Use your nails to remove excess glue from the roots of the eyelashes. step4, the excess transparent stems on both ends of the front eyelashes are dropped. step5. Put the eyelashes on the eyelid to compare the length of the eyes. Step6. If it is too long, cut off the growing part (short the front and the long tail, and cut the two ends of the middle and short sides). step7, bend the eyelashes up and down to make the eyelash stalk softer. step8. Apply glue on the roots of the eyelashes and wait for 10-20 seconds to let the glue half dry. (Try to apply it to the outside of the stem, so that the eyelashes are easy to stick up). step9. During the waiting period, we will curl our eyelashes as far as possible. step10. Hold the eyelashes in one hand, and use tweezers in the other hand to place them on the eyelid above your eyelashes in the order of the middle, the top of the eye, and the end of the eye. (As close as possible to the real eyelashes). step11, adjust the angle when the glue is not completely dry (upward in the middle, press down on the end of the eye). step12. Use liquid eyeliner to fill in the vacancy of eyeliner and traces of glue. step13. Clamp the lower eyelashes with tweezers and place them in the middle of the lower eyelids to fix them (the lower eyelashes are attached to the bottom of their own eyelashes). step14. Paste the head of the eye. step15.16, the eyelashes can be slightly vacated to make the eyes look bigger. This completes the steps of wearing false eyelashes. Points for choosing false eyelashes 1. The stem is too thick, too hard, and sparkles with plastic light. If the stem is too thick, you must draw a thick eyeliner to hide it. Eyelashes that are too thick and black will reflect light under the light, revealing a sense of plasticity. 2. The hair is too thick and warped, showing false appearance. The curl and length of the false eyelashes that I wear on a daily basis exceeds the NG of the eye sockets! It reaches the eyebrows, and the eyes are OMG, surprised! 3. The soft stems are natural and comfortable. The eyelash stalks are thin and soft, which can follow the shape of the eye when pasted, and the tip and tail of the eye are not easy to lift up. 4. Thick, long and not greedy, with a moderate sense of gaps. Remember to choose the false eyelashes that are very different from your own condition, which is a little more 'thick, long and dense' than the original eyelashes. Try to compare your own eyelashes, the closer it is, the more real it is. 4. The finer the hair, the more realistic it is. How to maintain false eyelashes Step1: First use tweezers to gently clean up the residual glue on the eyelash stalks, remember not to shake your hands, and do not deform the eyelashes. Step2: Then wipe with a cotton swab moistened with eye and lip makeup remover to remove the mascara.
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