There are several types of false eyelashes, the second one is like real eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-15
False eyelashes can be said to be a necessity for beauty professionals, but for make-up novices, it can be said to be a beauty step that dare not try easily, because if you are not careful, it will become the culprit of ruined makeup, so We have to do our homework before buying. The following editor will show you how many types of false eyelashes are there? There are several types of false eyelashes. 1. [Dot clusters] You can guess by seeing the name. The roots of this type of eyelashes are very small. There can be three or four eyelashes in a small piece, which looks like a cluster. Of grass. Its stem looks like a punctate, soft but without support, it can only play a role in decorating our eyes. 2. [Segmented] The last segmented false eyelashes are also one that many people will use. There are a dozen to twenty eyelashes in this kind of false eyelashes, which look sparse as a whole, but each hair is scattered in a pattern, just like our real eyelashes. How to attach false eyelashes The first step: first use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, so that the original relatively drooping eyelashes have a certain curvature, so that the subsequent single clusters will not be pressed down, resulting in no natural curling. Step 2: Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and take the glue. Note that the amount of glue does not need to be too much. After it dries, gently place it on the place where you want to paste it. After sticking it, use tweezers to lift it up to slightly fix the curled eyelashes. angle. You can start from the top of the eye, but remember to leave about 1cm away from the top of the eye, otherwise it will be a bit fake. Step 3: When you reach the two-thirds position of the eyeliner, you can start to paste a longer single cluster. It should be noted that after each cluster is placed, the single cluster should be pushed up once it is stable to maintain the curling degree. What are the hazards of wearing false eyelashes frequently? 1. Causes real eyelashes to fall off. Wearing false eyelashes for a long time may affect the cleanliness of your own eyelashes. Each eyelash is connected to the root of a hair, and this root is a channel for expelling foreign objects. There are many sweat glands and sebaceous glands at the roots of the eyelashes. If you wear false eyelashes for a long time, the sweat pores will be blocked by the false eyelashes for a long time, which will easily affect the pores perspiration. If the false eyelashes themselves are not clean, it is more likely to clog the pores, cause the eyelashes to fall off, and even cause eye inflammation. 2. Weaken the defense function of own eyelashes. Wearing too long and thick false eyelashes for a long time will affect the reaction time and reduce the protective function of the eyelashes. Originally, the eyelids should react instantly, but because the false eyelashes are too heavy, the reaction time will be delayed, and experts point out that people who wear false eyelashes are prone to squinting and eye discomfort. 3. Glue can easily cause eye allergies and inflammation. Some irregular false eyelash products do have hidden safety and health hazards. For example, the disinfection is not up to standard, and it is difficult to remove residual bacteria or other substances, which may cause harm to some sensitive people. In addition, the quality of the glue used to wear eyelashes is different, which may also cause irritation to human eyes, easily cause eye redness and burning, and even cause eye allergies and induce eye inflammation. The correct method of removing false eyelashes 1. Use a cotton swab to dip an appropriate amount of eye makeup remover, and then gently rub it on the root of the false eyelashes. The technique must be as gentle as possible~ Don't use too much force when removing eye makeup. After a period of time, the false eyelashes will fall off automatically. 2. The glue on the stalk of the false eyelashes can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Prevent too much glue on the stalk and make it difficult to stick firmly after repeated use. 3. Keep it properly and put it aside for future use.
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