Tips for beginners to attach false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-13
Long and dense eyelashes are what every girl wants to have. Eyelashes with thick curls will look more energetic and attractive. Short eyelashes can achieve the ideal eyelash effect by attaching false eyelashes. You can attach false eyelashes. A lot of skills to learn. How to stick false eyelashes Step 1: The eyes are curved. Before use, it is best to fit the false eyelashes better to the eyes. You can do a back and forth bending to make the stalk of the false eyelashes softer and fit. . Step2: Everyone's eye shape is different, so after buying it back, trim off the false eyelashes first. Make it fit your eye shape. How to trim? You can compare it with your own eyelashes, aiming at the inner corner of the eye and going back 4-5mm, the end of the eye can be slightly longer, and trim off the rest. Step 3: When using glue, remember that the two ends of the false eyelashes are especially easy to curl up, so apply more glue on both ends. Step 4: As we all know, false eyelashes are very soft. If you use your fingers, it will not be easy to grasp the position. It is better to prepare a pair of tweezers to adjust the position accurately. Step 5: In order to make the eye makeup more perfect, after applying the false eyelashes, fill the vacant or exposed glue with eyeliner to fill the roots of the eyelashes to make the false eyelashes look more natural. Step 6: Superimposing false eyelashes is not superimposing the entire false eyelashes. You only need to divide a row of false eyelashes into three sections, and just take one section and paste it. Step 7: Then follow the steps of attaching false eyelashes to attach this small section of eyelashes to the end of the eye. Step 8: In order to integrate the real and false eyelashes, you can also use an eyelash curler to gently press the roots of the eyelashes and stretch them toward the head of the eyelashes like combing your hair. Tips for beginners to stick false eyelashes 1. Prepare tools: eyeliner, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, glue and small clips. 2. After clamping your own eyelashes, first check whether the length of the false eyelashes is suitable for your own eyes. If it is too long, it needs to be trimmed. Generally speaking, the tail end will be longer. It is most suitable to cut from the end, but it is important to note that the two false eyelashes should be trimmed symmetrically. 3. Before applying the eyelash glue, it is best to massage the false eyelashes to make them softer, so as to adjust the degree of curl that suits the eyes. 4. When applying eyelash glue, apply a little more on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, because these two positions are the easiest to lift up. At this time, the small clip can play a very good role, you can use it to adjust the eyelashes, starting from the middle, and then slowly adjusting the end of the eye and the tip of the eye. 5. The most critical step is to use eyeliner to fill in the blank after applying the false eyelashes, because sometimes the glue will not dry out easily and will appear white, which looks weird. 6. For the lower eyeliner, the most important thing is to distinguish the front and back. Contrary to the upper eyelashes, the lower eyelashes are slumped downwards, just apply the front side. In addition, you don't have to wait long for the eyelashes to be attached, and they can be attached after a few seconds. Have you learned the tricks of false eyelashes? Practice makes perfect. Those little fairies who don’t know how to make-up must try a lot. No matter how powerful beauty bloggers are, they start with make-up Xiaobai, only slow Try slowly to find the most suitable makeup for you! How to choose the right type of false eyelashes To stick the false eyelashes, the first step should be to figure out your eye shape and the type of false eyelashes, such as the eyes of some little fairies The type is the European-style double eyelid that everyone is very envious of, so it is more appropriate to choose more exaggerated false eyelashes! But some fairies have single eyelids, so the curly false eyelashes in European and American makeup are not suitable! According to the model, false eyelashes can be roughly divided into 99#, 112#, 216#, 218#, etc. In addition, according to the type of use, there are several categories of doll eyelashes, movie eyelashes, artificial eyelashes, and individual eyelashes. The plastic stem is harder, and the setting effect is better than cotton thread and fishing thread, because it can hold up the eyelids, but it is difficult to remove makeup. If you do not master the method, it is very easy to tear off the eyelashes or hurt the eyelids!
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