What are the hazards of wearing false eyelashes for a long time?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-05
In our daily life, many people like to wear false eyelashes when putting on makeup. False eyelashes can make our eyes look bigger and more energetic. So what is the harm of wearing false eyelashes for a long time? Appropriately give a holiday to the skin around the eyes. What is the hazard of wearing false eyelashes for a long time, causing real eyelashes to fall off? Wearing false eyelashes for a long time may affect the cleanliness of your own eyelashes. Next, I will introduce how to apply false eyelashes. The steps are as follows: 1. Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes to help the mascara you apply later to maintain curl. Apply a thin layer of mascara, preferably a curling type. The purpose is to help the real eyelashes fit the false eyelashes without the embarrassment of two layers of eyelashes. 2. Compare the length of the false eyelashes on the eyes, because everyone's eye shape is different, you need to trim the eyelashes appropriately after confirming the length. 3. Curving the eyelashes out of a curve is like massaging the eyelash stems. This will make the eyelashes smoother and more natural, and adjust the curvature to suit the eye. 4. Trim to the required length. Usually, the eyelashes at the end of the eye are longer. Cut from this end and keep the short eyelashes at the end of the eye. This will make it look more natural. Be sure to cut the two false eyelashes symmetrically. 5. Apply eyelash glue to the bottom of the eyelash stalk. Helps false eyelashes to cling to the top of real eyelashes, making it less foreign body sensation. 6. After calculating the position, start from the middle of the eyelid to make adjustments easier. 7. When the mascara glue reaches its maximum viscosity when it is half dry, lift the two ends up and stick them along the arc of the eye shape. 8. In order to avoid two layers of eyelashes, press the real and false eyelashes tightly with your fingertips. 9. If you feel that the eyelashes are not curled enough, you can gently curl the eyelashes again with a light intensity, otherwise the curvature may be damaged. 10. Check whether there are gaps in the eyelashes. You can use eyeliner or eyeliner to fill in the gaps to make the eyelashes look more natural. Every detail is given in detail, hoping to be enlightening for beginners, and for regular users to modify and improve. It should be noted that when using false eyelashes, we apply a little adhesive glue on the false eyelashes, and apply a layer of mascara on our own eyelashes. Look in the mirror and gently press the false eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes. Press for about 10 seconds to fully knead the real and fake eyelashes. If the eyelashes at the corners of the eyes fall off, it means that there is not enough glue or the eyelashes are not pressed properly. At this time, you can use a toothpick, pick a little glue and apply it to the corner of your eye, and then carefully press the eyelashes, the glue will dry the eyelashes. If you do everything well, the eyelashes are pressed to the root of the eyelashes, and if the mascara and liquid eyeliner are applied well, you should not see the false eyelash roots. If the mascara and eyeliner are applied well, you should not see the false eyelashes. trace. In addition, the eyelashes of the left and right eyes should be symmetrical, consistent, and proportional to the entire face. Finally, quickly open and close your eyes several times to see if the false eyelashes will fall off. Apply liquid eyeliner on your eyelashes, or you can apply liquid eyeliner before applying mascara on real and fake eyelashes. Do not use false eyelashes on the lower eyelids, as they will look exaggerated. Make-up of the lower eyelid is best to use only mascara.
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