What are the misunderstandings of applying false eyelashes, and how to maintain false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-05
In our daily life, many people like to use false eyelashes. False eyelashes can make our eyes look bigger and more energetic. It is a very popular makeup tool. Putting false eyelashes is a headache for many people. thing. What are the misunderstandings of applying false eyelashes 1: First paste the false eyelashes and then apply the eyeliner NO! Before applying the false eyelashes, you must draw the eyeliner first, and the eyeliner must be drawn against the root of the eyelashes. Only when the eyeliner is drawn first and the false eyelashes are applied, the correct position can be found through the eyeliner, so that it can be put in place at once. Misunderstanding 2: Attach the false eyelashes immediately after applying the glue NO! Applying the false eyelashes immediately after applying the glue may cause the false eyelashes to fall off, and may even cause the glue to stick to your own eyelashes. So after applying the glue, you must wait patiently for a while, and you can start to paste it after the glue is transparent. Misunderstanding 3: No tools are used to adjust NO after applying the eyelashes! After applying the false eyelashes, you must quickly adjust the position with tweezers before the glue has completely condensed, and at the same time use the tweezers to firmly press the eyelashes on the eyelids. Misunderstanding 4: Paint eyeshadow first and then paste false eyelashes NO! Some MM like to paint eyeshadow first and then paste false eyelashes, which is actually not good. If you paint eye shadow first and then paste false eyelashes, the false eyelashes will not stick firmly. How to maintain false eyelashes 1. First, use a small steel comb to remove the remaining mascara on the false eyelashes. Remember, the clip and the comb must be in corresponding positions. The clip cannot be on the left and the comb is on the right. 2. Use a spiral comb to comb the false eyelashes clean. 3. Use an eyebrow clip to remove the glue from the eyelash stalk. 4. Dilute with lotion or alcohol with water, dip it with a cotton swab, and gently wipe the false eyelashes. 5. It can be put away for storage after it dries. How to wear false eyelashes 1. Measure the length of the eyelashes to make sure it fits the shape of your eyes. If this strip needs to be cut, cut off the outer edge and cut with small nail scissors. This will avoid sagging in the corner (meaning: no more eyelashes poking your eyeballs). 2. Bend the false eyelashes and bend the edges of the eyelashes inward to create a 'C' shape, and hold for a few seconds. This is the best way to take the straightness and make sure that its mold, our eye shape is curved, it will be more convenient to wear. 3. Squeeze glue to use high-quality glue on the false eyelashes, you can put more glue. (It is recommended to avoid glue coming with your eyelashes). If your hands are stable, you can squeeze directly from the tube onto the steel belt. If it is not stable, a simple trick: squeeze the glue in one place, dip it with a tweezers, 4, wait for the glue to become sticky and wait for about ten seconds for the glue to become sticky (you can also blow it gently in the air) ). 5. Wear false eyelashes and aim at the top of your eyelashes without touching your eyelids. The glue dries very clearly, so don't worry about it sticking elsewhere. Wear false eyelashes with both hands. Can false eyelashes be used multiple times? For false eyelashes, the harder the material, the less likely to be deformed, and the more repeated use. On the contrary, the softer the more easily deformed, the number of repeated use will be less. For example, if the false eyelashes made of nylon plastic are properly maintained, they can be reused more than 20 times. If the false eyelashes made of cotton thread and real hair are properly maintained, they can be used about 5 times. If you want to extend the life of false eyelashes, MM must also pay attention to its maintenance. Try not to put eyeshadow or mascara on false eyelashes during makeup. Otherwise, the false eyelashes will become dirty and difficult to clean. In addition, you can't violently tear off the false eyelashes when removing makeup. In this case, the false eyelashes may be sacrificed heroically after using them once.
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