What can be used to replace mascara, false eyelashes are the best choice

by:Liruijie     2021-08-06
Mascara can generally be used for a long time, and sometimes it is discovered that it is too late to buy when it is used up. Then how to deal with this situation. The following describes what mascara can be used instead of false eyelashes is the best choice. What can I substitute for mascara? You can use false eyelashes instead. Mascara extends the length of the eyelashes on the real eyelashes, and the false eyelashes can be directly attached to the long eyelashes of the eyes instead of real eyelashes, making the eyelashes look particularly long . How to use mascara 1. If the eyelashes are small, short and not thick, it means that if your eyelashes are few and short and messy, you need to choose a strengthened eyelash if you want to create that kind of thick eyelashes. The cream will play a magical effect. It will make your eyelashes look very long and thick. This kind of enhanced mascara can emphasize the charming eyes. 2. How to solve the problem of eye swelling and easy makeup? If your eyes are often swollen and the skin around the eyes is also very hypertrophy, we can easily faint and become a panda after applying mascara. In the case of eyes, we need to choose mascara with strong adhesion to reduce the problem of smudging in time. 3. The situation of sensitive eyes and difficult to apply makeup is also a common situation for many people. If your eyes are very sensitive, ordinary eye shadow and eyeliner are not easy to use, mascara is a good solution, mascara that does not contain fiber will not It is very irritating to the eyes, and this mascara will make your eyes look thick and beautiful. 4. The problem of fragile and easy fall of eyelashes is also a thorny problem encountered by many people. In the case of very fragile eyelashes, it is necessary to choose a mascara that has a good effect on eyelashes, which contains a lot of maintenance ingredients, especially vitamins. The mascara which is rich in protein and sunscreen ingredients has the function of maintaining eyelashes. Mascara brushing technique 1. First, choose an eyelash curler that matches or is close to the curvature of your eye. The eyelash curler is aligned with the curvature of the eye, so that its curvature can fit the root of the eyelashes. 2. After the eyelash curler is attached to the eyelashes, use a gentle force to lift the eyelashes upward at a 60 degree angle. Don't be anxious when curling eyelashes, and don't use force, otherwise the curling effect will be unnatural. 3. Next, you need to apply a little more force, raise the eyelashes to an angle of 90 degrees, and then pull the eyelash curler one by one, and slowly clamp it outward and upward to the end of the eyelashes. 4. Finally, use one hand to pull the tail part of the eye toward the head of the eye diagonally, so that the eyelashes at the end of the eye can be fully exposed, and then use the eyelash curler to strengthen the part of the eyelashes. 5. Use a spiral mascara brush to comb the eyelashes from row to bottom to smooth the eyelashes. 6. Dip an appropriate amount of mascara base cream, scrape off the excess paste, and then brush the eyelashes from the root of the eyelashes upwards, gradually increasing the amount, and let the eyelashes be preliminarily shaped. 7. Dip an appropriate amount of mascara, adjust the amount of mascara at the mouth of the bottle, and then use the z-shaped method, starting from the root of the eyelashes, and brush the eyelashes upwards to make the eyelashes plump. 8. Strengthen the treatment of the roots of the eyelashes and brush it several times to make the base of the eyelashes more stable, creating a natural effect like the inner eyeliner, so that the contours of the eyes can naturally stand out. In the area where the eyelashes are relatively sparse, you can put the mascara upright and apply it with the tip. 9. Put on a small brush head, adjust the mascara remedially, apply mascara left and right, so that the lower eyelashes can also play the role of enlarged eyes. 10. The last step is to check if there is any mascara on the eyes. If there is, use a cotton swab to dip in a suitable amount of lotion and wipe the dirty area. How to remove mascara The first step: apply a little bit of Vaseline on the eyelashes and leave it for a few minutes to achieve the effect of emulsifying mascara. Then use a cleansing cotton to gently wipe off. Step 2: Use an oil-free makeup remover to moisten the cleansing cotton, and then stick the cotton to the eye area to remove the remaining mascara. Tips: Natural olive oil or coconut oil also has a good makeup remover effect, and can be substituted for makeup removers without petroleum jelly and oil-free ingredients.
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