What damage does the double eyelid tape with false eyelashes do to the eyes for a long time?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-04
Girls love beauty by nature, but they must work hard on their own skin care cosmetics and don't blindly follow the trend and buy irregular products. Long-term makeup is not good for the skin, so what harm does the long-term use of double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes do to the eyes? Long-term use of false eyelashes and double eyelid stickers Girls with sensitive skin and vitiligo on their eyelids often use false eyelashes, double eyelid stickers and other cosmetics because of their part-time jobs. Recently, a whole leukoplakia appeared on the eyelids and was diagnosed as vitiligo. The girl said that the cosmetics were bought at the school gate, they were cheap, and some did not even have packaging. Doctor: Use cosmetics that contain chemical ingredients. Allergy testing is recommended. Is there any harm in sticking double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes every day It is quite bad for eye skin to stick double eyelids and false eyelashes every day. Double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes will cause eye skin looseness under repeated pulling for a long time, followed by poor quality False eyelash glue is more likely to cause eye allergies and inflammation, and false eyelashes can cause real eyelashes to fall off, so it is best not to use double eye stickers and false eyelashes for a long time. The specific hazards of false eyelashes 1. Lead to the loss of real eyelashes. Wearing false eyelashes for a long time may affect the cleanliness of your own eyelashes. Each eyelash is connected to the root of a hair, and this root is a channel for expelling foreign objects. There are many sweat glands and sebaceous glands at the roots of the eyelashes. If you wear false eyelashes for a long time, the sweat pores will be blocked by the false eyelashes for a long time, which will easily affect the pores perspiration. If the false eyelashes themselves are not clean, it is more likely to clog the pores, cause the eyelashes to fall off, and even cause eye inflammation. Second, weaken the defense function of one's own eyelashes. Wearing too long and thick false eyelashes for a long time will affect the reaction time and reduce the protective function of the eyelashes. Originally, the eyelids should react instantly, but because the false eyelashes are too heavy, the reaction time will be delayed, and experts point out that people who wear false eyelashes are prone to squinting and eye discomfort. 3. Inferior false eyelash glue can easily cause eye allergies and inflammation. The packaging of most false eyelashes on the market nowadays is very simple. There is almost no factory name, factory address and production date on the packaging box, and there is no indication of the product. Some also come with glue for attaching false eyelashes, but it smells pungent. Some irregular false eyelash products do have hidden safety and health hazards. For example, the disinfection is not up to standard, and it is difficult to remove residual bacteria or other substances, which may cause harm to some sensitive people. In addition, the quality of the glue used to wear eyelashes is different, which may also cause irritation to human eyes, easily cause eye redness and burning, and even cause eye allergies and induce eye inflammation. For people who often use double eyelids on sagging eyes, what kind of double eyelid surgery do? For people with inelastic skin and sagging skin, most people still need surgical operation to make double eyelids, and the double eyelid can effectively improve long-term sticking. Eyelid sagging and sagging caused by double eyelid stickers. Incision method The double eyelid is cut at an appropriate position between the upper eyelid skin and the tarsal plate or levator aponeurosis. The loose upper eyelid skin, part of the orbicularis muscle and excess fat are removed, and the skin incision is sutured Go to the levator aponeurosis at the upper edge of the tarsal plate to form a fold-like scar stick, resulting in double eyelids. TIPS: If you apply double eyelids occasionally, you must apply and tear the adhesive tape carefully and gently to prevent damage to the skin. It is best to choose double eyelid surgery to achieve better results once and for all. If you can't find an experienced doctor in a regular plastic surgery hospital, it is very likely that the size of the double eyelids will be different due to the difference in the removal of fat and skin tissue on both sides, so you should choose carefully.
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