What should I do if I am allergic to false eyelash glue?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-11
In our daily life, many people often put on makeup. Many people put on false eyelashes when putting on makeup. False eyelashes can enlarge our eyes and change the shape of our eyes. False eyelashes are glued on with false eyelash glue. , So what should I do if I am allergic to false eyelash glue? Tips for attaching false eyelashes. What to do if you are allergic to false eyelash glue, first remove the eyelash glue on your eyelashes, and then take anti-allergic drugs, so that the treatment can take effect. The eyes are very sensitive to allergies. If you have sensitive skin, you need to do an allergy test before using false eyelash glue. If you find any allergies, please stop using it immediately. Change to a better glue or surgical adhesive. If you have a severe allergy, see a doctor. If false eyelash glue accidentally splashes on your eyes, you should seek medical advice immediately. When removing the false eyelashes, wet the towel with warm water and put it on the eyes. The eyelashes will be easily removed. Then you can gently tear off the glue with your hands. Tips for attaching false eyelashes Before attaching the false eyelashes, you need to prepare the false eyelashes and glue, and draw the eyeliner, so that you can start to paste the false eyelashes. Tips for attaching eyelashes on false eyelashes 1. The stalks of the false eyelashes are on two sides, and a layer of glue is applied on the upper and lower sides, so that the eyelashes will not be too warped or collapsed after being loaded. 2. If the eyelashes are not too collapsed or warped, then follow the usual habit of applying glue. 3. Note that the white glue should be put on the eyelid once. Once the glue is applied to the skin, it will not be invisible anymore. If you are not sure, you can choose black glue. Adjust the roll before it dries. Warp. 4. After the glue is dry, if the glue is applied too much, there will be white marks as seen in the picture. Use a curved brush to fill the eyeliner. It should be noted that do not use a liquid eyeliner pen to fill the outer eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner is fluid, and the transparent stem will not hold it, but it will make the false eyelashes more obvious. Tips for applying false eyelashes under the eyelashes 1. It is still necessary to distinguish the positive and negative sides of the false eyelashes. The lower eyelashes are different from the upper eyelashes in that they are pulled downward, so the monthly bonus can only be applied on the front. 2. When applying the lower eyelashes, you don't need to follow the method of upper eyelashes, and you don't need to wait until the glue is half dry, you can paste it directly. Light makeup cannot be reapplied to eyeliner, so it needs to be done once. The lower eyelashes are automatically attached downwards. After positioning, they can be invisible when they are half dry, which is much simpler than attaching the eyelashes. What to do if the false eyelash glue is dry, add a few drops of baby oil and it can be used again, but its original waterproof effect is gone. This thing evaporates quickly, so be careful~! Whether the false eyelashes are attached to the top or the bottom is allowed. However, most of them will be attached to the real eyelashes because the operation is relatively simple. Regardless of whether the false eyelashes are pasted on or under the real eyelashes, I think both methods are possible, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. If there is a novice MM who usually doesn't stick false eyelashes very much and wants to start trying to stick eyelashes, it is better to stick false eyelashes on real eyelashes, because the operation is relatively simple.
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