What should I do if my false eyelashes are not curled up?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-18
Many girls put on false eyelashes during makeup, which can make the eyelashes look longer and thicker and achieve the effect of enlarging the eyes. But many babies do not curl up after putting on false eyelashes. What is the reason? What to do if the false eyelashes don’t curl up? The general reason is that the false eyelashes always sag and don’t curl up. The correct operation method is as follows: The first step is to curl the eyelashes. First, curl the eyelashes. If the eyelashes do not droop smoothly or Particularly hard MM should be pulled several times. In the second step, take out the false eyelashes with tweezers, then grab the ends of the eyelashes with your hands and gently bend it 10 times. This is adjusting the arc so that the eyelashes are more compliant. The third step, according to the length of the eyes, use scissors to cut the length of the false eyelashes. In the program 'Remember Woman I'm the BestNote: 2-3 mm longer than the eye length is the most suitable and beautiful. The fourth step is to apply glue to the roots of the false eyelashes. Note: Glue must be applied to both sides, this step needs to be very careful. The fifth step is to lift the eyelid with one hand and gently glue the false eyelashes to the roots of the real eyelashes. Make fine adjustments before the glue has solidified. This step requires the mirror to be placed where the eyes can be seen head-on, and fixed on the table with the elbow. In the sixth step, use your fingertips to gently press the eyelashes glued together until it is completely glued. There are generally three reasons for eyelashes drooping. One is that the eyelashes are naturally drooping, the other is that the upper eyelid oppresses the eyelashes to droop, and the third is that the eyelashes are too long to droop under the influence of gravity. Drooping eyelashes has some genetic factors. Some people are born with eyelashes growing downward, so eyelashes are always drooping. It is very inconvenient to apply mascara. Even if the eyelashes are perm, it is difficult to change the fact that the sagging eyelashes. The second type of upper eyelid presses the eyelashes to droop. Generally, the upper eyelid is too thick and droops under the influence of gravity. Down long. The third reason is that the eyelashes are too long. The length of the eyelashes varies from person to person. Some people have long and curled eyelashes, but some people droop because of too long eyelashes. The reason is the same as that of mascara brush. The eyelash curler can be slightly changed or ironed. If you want to make your eyelashes curl up, you can do it with a few simple brushes of mascara. However, if the eyelashes are complicated, such as naturally growing downward, the possibility of change is very small. If it is because the upper eyelid is heavy on the eyelashes, apply a double eyelid If you apply a patch or perform a minor operation to change the thick upper eyelid, the eyelashes will not grow downward. How to make eyelashes more curled. Method 1: Cotton swabs can be used to make eyelashes curled. The easiest way is to use a cotton swab to gently hold the mascara. Stay, when the mascara is dry, it can be qualitatively well, and the eyelashes will maintain a relatively natural curling degree. Method two to make eyelashes curled: Toothbrushes can also be used to create a more natural and long-lasting curling of eyelashes. Soak a clean toothbrush in hot water for a period of time. Drain the water with a tissue or towel. Use a toothbrush before applying mascara Starting from the roots of the eyelashes, gently straighten the eyelashes and brush towards the tip of the eyelashes. When the brush reaches the tip, you can set the shape and maintain the curvature. While the toothbrush is warm, you can brush it several times for better curling effect. Apply after brushing. Mascara will do. Method 3: Use a soup spoon to curl your eyelashes. Put the soup spoon in hot water for a few minutes and then it will be warm. At this time, hold the soup spoon on your eyelids. With the convex surface facing upwards, press the eyelashes from the roots of the eyelashes with your hands on the spoon, hold it for ten seconds or so, and the eyelashes will become curled. Of course, these are ancient methods, and the effect is relatively slow, but as long as you persist, you will see the effect of eyelashes lengthening. Also, you can buy vitamin e from a drugstore. In this case, you can apply vitamin e to your eyelashes before going to bed. In this case, your eyelashes will become longer and thicker. Another way is to use professional eyelash growth liquid. Long-term use of eyelash growth liquid can also make eyelashes grow and beautify.
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