What to do if false eyelashes are easy to open on the end of the eye, what kind of eyes are not suitable for false eyelashes

by:Liruijie     2021-08-06
Many people think that their eyelashes are too short to look good. In addition to grafting eyelashes, wearing false eyelashes can also change the length of the eyelashes. Wearing false eyelashes can change the shape of the eyes. Different styles of false eyelashes have different effects. What to do if the false eyelashes are easy to open. The suggestion is to stick the false eyelashes and put a bottle of false eyelash glue in the bag when you go out. If you feel that the eyelids are open, you can quickly reattach them. This can only be done. Because of the position of the eyes, there are often tears. If the hair touches or the wind blows, the eyelashes will not stick firmly. Buy some eye gel, apply a little more on the eye area, and then stick it on the eye when it is half dry. Because the eyelid is the meeting point of the double eyelid folds, and always blinks, the eyelid is the easiest to open. Avoidance: Cut off the inner part of the eye and stick it slightly to the corner of the eye. Putting it too close to the eye makes it easy to open. The eyelashes that can be observed in nature are also sparse and short on the inner part of the eye, the most dense and long in the eye, and the second dense and long at the end of the eye. The eyelashes are more in line with the natural shape of the eye. If the end of the eye is often opened, it is likely that the glue is not good, so you can change a good eyelash glue. In addition, you should master the correct method of sticking false eyelashes, as follows: First, look at the mirror, put the false eyelashes above the eyes to compare the length, then estimate the approximate length, and then use small scissors to trim the front and back ends, a little bit, Don't be impatient. Cut out the length that suits your eyes, it will be more natural to wear. Secondly, when applying makeup to a model, a general makeup artist first draws the eyeliner, and then sticks the false eyelashes at the position of the eyeliner. Only by doing so can it really stick in place, and it will not cause the false eyelashes to separate and derail the real eyelashes. Many women ignore this, which affects the aesthetics of the false eyelashes and should be corrected in time. What kind of eyes are not suitable for babies who are allergic to glue. False eyelashes are glued to their own eyelashes. If you are allergic or uncomfortable, your red eyes will not be worth the loss. It is better to be healthy and natural. Regarding false eyelash glue, novices are best to choose transparent color glue. When applying false eyelash glue, don't stick it right away. When the glue is half-dry, it will be the strongest and won't stick to other places. You can take a few breaths at the glue and it's almost done. Where does the glue stick, whether it is on the false eyelashes or the root of the real eyelashes. The more sure way is to apply a thin layer on the false eyelashes, and apply the three important points on the roots of the real eyelashes, namely the corners of the eyes, the upper middle of the eyes, and the end of the eyes. The three points are sticky so that the false eyelashes will not fall off for a day. What to do if false eyelashes are always open Because the ends are easy to fall off, use better false eyelash glue. The dosage should be slightly more, and the adhesive should not stick to the false eyelashes. If the eyelashes at the corners of the eyes fall off, it means that there is not enough glue or the eyelashes are not pressed properly. At this time, you can use a toothpick, pick a little glue and apply it to the corner of the eye, and then carefully press the eyelashes. After the glue dries, the eyelashes will be fixed. Adhesive glue has the strongest binding force when it dries, it is transparent on the skin, and the effect is good. If the adhesive is applied before it is dry, the false eyelashes will sag if it is not adhered firmly. Repeated a few more times, the adhesive will become whitish, so I have to use eyeliner to modify it to cover it. There are too many kinds of false eyelashes on the market, such as natural, curled, long tail, cross, thick and so on. 1. If your eyes are long-eyed and you want your eyes to look rounder and cute, you can choose the longer style in the middle. Or trim both sides of the false eyelashes slightly shorter to accentuate the eyelashes in the middle of the eye. 2. If the beauties with round eyes want to have the feeling of long eyes and phoenix eyes, you can choose the long tail style. 3. But the tail tip style is a bit more exaggerated style. If you wear natural-style false eyelashes, trim off the short part behind the false eyelashes, leaving the longer part. 4. It is a bit difficult for a beauty with a single eyelid to wear false eyelashes. Pay special attention to the inner part of the eye. Be sure to shorten it a bit and do not put the false eyelashes close to the eye. Also, using double eyelid tape or glue + false eyelashes will make your eyes beautiful and big.
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