Which is better, false eyelashes, animal hair or artificial hair?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-17
The material of high-quality false eyelashes is the top priority. False eyelashes are composed of two parts: hair and stem, so its hair is the appearance, and we can see the most directly. A good material is comparable to real eyelashes. The following editor will take you to look at false eyelashes animal hair and artificial hair Which is better? False eyelashes, animal hair or artificial hair, which is better? 1. Animal hair simply put, animal hair is the hair extracted from animals to make false eyelashes. Compared with fiber eyelashes, it is more messy, but because it is made from animals The extracted hair is very similar to the human body's own hair, with a little oil and luster. Different animal hair has different stiffness and water resistance. Mink hair comes with natural curling, which is very close to our real eyelashes, but the curling degree will decrease when exposed to water. Horsehair is relatively stiff and has good waterproof effect, but its softness is slightly weaker. Fox hair and bird hair are mostly used in stage performances, often used to modify those exaggerated eye makeup. 2. Artificial hair Artificial eyelashes are the most commonly used false eyelashes, which are made of synthetic and woven synthetic fibers. Its hair is slightly heavier, and it is easy to collapse its own eyelashes after applying makeup. The false eyelashes made of protein fiber are much softer than artificial eyelashes, have a certain degree of curling and shape, are light in material, and will not crush their own eyelashes. Fiber eyelashes are relatively weak in water absorption, so they are not easily deformed when exposed to water. It will give off a plastic smell when it is scorched, and then it will form a hard small lump. When choosing fiber eyelashes, you also need to know whether its hair is sharpened. Sharpened false eyelashes give a higher degree of sophistication and simulation, while the ones that are not sharpened seem to have been cut off. The most popular materials for false eyelashes are currently synthetic eyelashes and protein fiber eyelashes, followed by mink hair. The details are as follows: 1. Synthetic eyelashes: Compared with the other two kinds of eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes are harder, but their curling degree and shape are better. After grafting, it can clearly reflect the effect of eyelash beautification. 2. Protein fiber eyelashes: This kind of eyelashes is the closest to natural eyelashes. It is relatively soft, has a certain shape and curling degree, and the grafting effect is very natural. 3. Mink hair: This is an extremely soft eyelash, but there is relatively little circulation in the market. After grafting, in addition to making the eyelashes thick and long, it is also very soft and comfortable. How to distinguish between real mink hair and fiber hair with false eyelashes 1. When scalded with hot water, the mink hair is easy to deform, but the fiber hair is not easy to deform. 2. Burning, mink hair has the smell of burning hair, and after burning, it is squeezed into powder by hand, and the fiber has the smell of burning plastic. 3. The mink hair is made into a single tightly packed and neatly arranged without fibers. 4. Look at the hair scales with a microscope. The mink hair has hair scales but no fibers. How to wear false eyelashes 1. Clamp your own eyelashes, apply a layer of mascara, and draw eyeliner first if possible. 2. Place the mirror facing you. First, hold the false eyelashes in your hands and place them on your eyes to compare the length, and then use special scissors to trim them according to the length of your eyes. 3. Clamp the false eyelashes with a clip, and then apply an appropriate amount of glue. When it is half dry, stick the false eyelashes on the eyelids little by little. 4. Lightly press the false eyelashes with the handle of the clip to fix the correct position. Flip the false eyelashes up gently with your hands to make them more curled. 5. Draw black eyeliner to cover the traces of glued false eyelashes. 6. After sticking, use mascara to comb the real and false eyelashes together, which will make the real eyelashes more effective.
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