Which is better, mascara or false eyelashes? How to choose mascara and false eyelashes?

by:Liruijie     2021-08-06
Both mascara and false eyelashes can make eyelashes look thick and long, and can create a pair of charming eyes for you, but mascara and eyelash curler are often not used at the same time. How should you choose according to your needs? Mascara and false eyelashes are better. Mascara and false eyelashes are no good or bad. Mascara and false eyelashes play different roles in different makeup. If it is daily makeup, you can choose to use mascara, which is natural and simple. If makeup is more formal, the false eyelashes look more delicate. Apply mascara to connect the false eyelashes and real eyelashes to each other. The difference between mascara and false eyelashes. Differentiation of mascara: For people with thicker eyelashes, long mascara can solve the problem. Brushing mascara will make the eyes look more natural, and the mascara is easy to carry and can be carried at any time. Touch up makeup. False eyelashes: If you are proficient in wearing false eyelashes, there are many styles, you can choose as you like, and create thick eyelashes at any time. Disadvantages of mascara: brushing mascara is more time-consuming and laborious, it takes a long time to brush to get the desired effect, and it is easy to faint makeup with a little carelessness. And the mascara sticks to the eyelashes. If you don't pay attention to the makeup remover, the eyelashes are easy to tear. False eyelashes: For novices, wearing false eyelashes requires skill and needs to be used together with glue. If the adhesion is not strong, it will cause degumming, and the eyelashes will be up and even fall off. It looks embarrassing. Do you still need to apply mascara if you wear false eyelashes? Applying mascara and then wearing false eyelashes can make the real eyelashes and false eyelashes look more natural. Before applying mascara, be careful to curl the eyelashes first. , The eyelashes will not look too messy and look more real. You can wear false eyelashes without mascara. If the eyelash curler is very curled when curling the eyelashes, it can naturally fit the false eyelashes without layering, and your own eyelashes are not easy to collapse, then you don’t need to apply mascara.
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