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Wholesale Best Fluffy Mink Eyelashes Dramatic DL Series

Fluffy Dramatic DL Series

Wholesale Best Fluffy Mink Eyelashes Dramatic DL Series

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Product features

✳ 100+ styles, including thick/natural 

✳ Permanent setting, can be washed

✳ Factory stock line

✳ The same quality eyelashes on the market, our lash price is at least 1-2 dollars lower than others

✳ The stem is soft, comfortable to wear, close to the real eyelashes

✳ Hot sale - sales of more than 400,000 pairs per month

✳ 100% mink fur material-no cruelty

✳ 100% handmade harmless to our body.

✳ MSDS and FDA certificate

✳ No cruel, live otter, naturally shed hair

✳ It becomes more fluffy when it gets hot

✳ Wear it correctly, up to 25-30 times

✳ Eyelash stalk is about 30-32mm, hair length is 6-18mm

✳ The eyelashes can be cut according to the length of the eyes.

✳ Can be made into magnet eyelashes, the same paragraph up and down, the upper and lower natural, etc., the number of magnets reference range


Daily work and life
Daily work and life
Daily work and life

100+ styles, including thick/natural 

Permanent setting, can be washed

Hot Sale Styles

We are committed to become the spokesperson of high-quality false eyelashes, to the development of a good ecological supply end of false eyelashes, to achieve a win-win situation with our customers, and we are worthy of your trust!


Free Packaging

One pair of Complete lash with clear box just cost less than USD1. 89!

Custom Packaging Box

20+ different craft designs, make your own brand box, contact us to get the price !

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