Why is it not good to put false eyelashes? Reasons for failure

by:Liruijie     2021-08-18
False eyelashes can really make your eyes bigger and more energetic~ But many people often don’t stick false eyelashes well. In fact, I think it’s very simple. Today I have summarized the reasons for your failures. Take a look. , Maybe you know why it’s wrong~ Reasons for the failure of applying false eyelashes 1. Incomplete tools. Just started to learn to apply false eyelashes. It is not recommended to stick your fingers directly with your hands. It will block your eyes, and it will easily lead to not sticking to the roots of the eyelashes and causing whiteness. So be sure to With tweezers so that it will not block the line of sight, this thin flat-headed tweezers is the most suitable. 2. It is easy to degummed and drop. Many boutiques. The glue of five dollars is not sticky. There is also a photo studio essential super sticky and difficult to remove red cover model. I use Eyes can be swollen for a week at a time. Now the commonly used Epelan is not allergic~ It can also stick to double eyelids, saying that the stickiness is good and long-lasting! 3. It is easy to stick and layer with real eyelashes. On the one hand, it is the relationship between shaking hands. Tool-assisted exercises. Don’t forget your real eyelashes. Use mascara and eyelash curler to blend them together to look natural! 4. How to choose the right false eyelashes. Newbies often go to two extremes, either very natural or very exaggerated. For example, when choosing this kind, you must pay attention to natural hand-sharpening. Naturally long and thick models. I choose the natural model. The longest point is 0.9cm. The thick model is 1.2cm. What kind of false eyelashes are you suitable for 1, short? Round eyes: plump and exaggerated eyelashes Eyeliner + partial false eyelashes makeup features: this eyelashes are short in the front and long in the back, which has an obvious effect of lengthening the eye shape. Usually this kind of eye makeup has very thick eyelashes, so you only need to use shiny eyeshadow to brighten the eyeshadow in daily makeup, highlighting the freshness of the makeup. If you want to go to a party at night, you just need to add some pearlescent eyeshadow to the center of the eyeball to increase the brilliance. 2. Slender eyes: Barbie doll type Eyeshadow + natural eyelash makeup features: Barbie doll type eyelashes are mostly fan-shaped in the middle and short on both sides, so they are more suitable for those who want to round the slender eyes. 3. Drooping eyes: slender and delicate False eyelashes + eyeliner makeup features: Although drooping eyes will give people a sense of dullness, but excessive sagging will make people feel unconscious. For sagging eyes, the length of false eyelashes should be used to adjust the degree of sagging, visually Become up, and here the slender and delicate eyelashes are more suitable than the thicker ones, and the eye shape should be slightly reduced.
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